How would you rate the actor who played Michael Myers Best to Worst? Please Reply

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by THe DaRk ShApE, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Heres my list...........

    1 Nick Castle- Halloween 10/10, To this day every time The Shape comes on screen in Halloween i get very uneasy because of Castle's superb performance.
    2. Brad Loree-Halloween Resurrection 10/10, I was going to put him first but Castle started it all, he has the same effect as Castle did but he's Bigger and more physically intimidating
    3.Dick Warlock- Halloween 2 9/10, Good and Creepy but his walk is to stiff and he's was a tad small to be Myers
    4. A. Michael Lerner-Halloween:The Curse of Michael Myers 8.5/10,Most fans don't know that he played Michael in the final 15minutes of the movie he's physically intimidating and creepy and he's the biggest actor that played the "The Shape" but to much like Jason's size than Michael's which isn't really a bad thing.
    5.George Wilbur:Halloween4-6 8/10, Wilbur like Loree and Lerner is big intimidating and creepy but he was to much like Jason at certain points of 4 and 6 also like Lerner.
    6. Chris Durand: H20 7.5/10, Durand was spooky and graceful but sometimes he moved to fast, taking away some points of his Performance but he was still good.
    7. Don Shanks:H5 4/10, Shanks to me is the worst Michael sure at some points he was alittle creepy but overall not good.
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    sorry i dont know any of the actors names that played him

    but the dude (dudes?) who did Halloween 1 and 2 was best

    i felt the others blew hard
  3. John

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    On a scale from 1 to 10 here are my ratings.......

    Nick Castle - 10, how can you not give Castle a 10?
    Dick Warlock - 9
    George P. Wilbur - 8
    Chris Durand - 7
    Brad Loree - 7
    Don Shanks - 5

    I wasn't aware that there was more than one actor playing the Shape in part 6. I'll have to look a little closer next time I watch it.
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    Nick Castle is the only one I give 2 shits about. So he gets number one. All the others, Warlock excluded, can suck a fat one as far as I'm concerned.

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