I Just Feel Like Buying A "Classic" Horror DVD!

Discussion in 'Classic' started by dvdasia62, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. dvdasia62

    dvdasia62 Guest

    For the last several months I have deluged myself on Asian and Euro-Horror DVD's
    and while I love it and plan on more purchases in the future, I just feel in the
    mood for a "classic" Horror DVD or two. Something from years ago I used to enjoy
    as a kid and love to sit down a watch. I'll admit, I don't have many so-called
    "classic" Horror DVD's in my collection. If you define a "classic" as a film from say,
    the 1930's to the 1960's, I think the only ones I have are "Mask Of Satan", "Blood
    And Black Lace", "Carnival Of Souls" and "Night Of The Living Dead". Everything
    else is from the 1970's to the present. So, I need some advice. Should I go
    with an old, black and white Universal horror? A Hammer film from the 50's or
    60's? Maybe and early 60's HG Lewis splatterfest? Perhaps a Vincent Price
    vehicle? I'm just not sure. I am considering films such as:

    "City Of The Dead"
    "Ghost Of Frankenstein"
    "Black Sabbath"

    So, any suggestions? I will definately consider any films so please feel free to
    chime in. Thanks guys!
  2. Joel Groce

    Joel Groce Guest

    Get "Peeping Tom"!

    I've been holding out on this disc myself since it's Criterion and more expensive, but it really is one of the best flicks I've seen - coming out at the same time as "Psycho" and challenging audiences the way it did. I don't think anyone would regret at least seeing this film!
  3. Classics available on DVD now or in the near future

    Mario Bava Collection:
    Whip and the Body
    Kill Baby Kill
    Black Sabbath
    I Vampiri (Riccardo Freda)
    Blood and Black Lace

    Antonio Margheriti:
    Castle of Blood

    Pupi Avati:
    House with the Windows that Laugh

    Vampire Lovers
    Hound of the Baskervilles
    Curse of Frankenstein
    Horror of Dracula

    The Wolf Man (best werewolf movie)

    Roger Corman:
    Fall of the House of Usher (E.A. Poe)
    Pit and the Pendulum (E.A. Poe)

    Jordi Grau:
    Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (best zombie movie)

    There are many others, but you can definitely start with these!

  4. Jog

    Jog Guest

    I'll gladly second Peeping Tom! I personally enjoyed it more than Psycho, though it isn't quite as influential...

    And since I can't hope to top mac's list, just go with him. Of the four choices you made, you won't go wrong with Black Sappath or Vampyre...
  5. dvdasia62

    dvdasia62 Guest

    Thanks guys. I'm thinking of going with "City Of The Dead", "Vampyr" and if I can afford it, "Black Sabbath". :)
  6. mcchrist

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    Feb 28, 2001
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    Get Vampyr and Fritz Lang's M, awesome!
  7. Vampyr

    I have heard that the subtitles from the US Disk are nearly unreadable. ("Vampyr")
    "City of the Dead" is a good movie. There are 2 different disks for sale, one is very cheap 'Horror Hotel" but is missing 2 minutes of footage.
    And yes, "Peeping Tom" is a classic too!
  8. mcchrist

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    Feb 28, 2001
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    Keepin' the dogs away...
    Its not that the subtitles to Vampyr are unreadable, its just that some jackass blocked out the original german subs, this being done by laying new subtitles over a huge black box. Its not to distracting considering the dialogue is minimum, and besides the movie is just to irresistable and creepy. I still say go for it.
  9. dvdasia62

    dvdasia62 Guest

    I heard about the "large subs" problem on "Vampyr" but most say it is easy to forgive considering the strength of the images and the lack of dialogue. The complete "City Of The Dead" disc is by VCI and contains the complete cut and added footage. It also boasts seperate commentaries by Moxey and Lee. :)
  10. KillerCannabis

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    Oct 12, 2000
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    I was always a fan of movies like Dementia 13, Night of the Living Dead, White Zombie, Dracula. Those are just a few I can remember off the top of my head. Dementia 13 is a Coppola movie from the 50's I believe.

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