In Search of Darkness: The Definitive 80's Horror Documentary

Discussion in 'General' started by Katatonia, Oct 2, 2019.

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    I do like watching these docs, but I wouldn't buy them for the doc, I'm happy when they are included as an extra Fright Night UK, and American Werewolf in London being prime examples.

    For me at this point a doc that spans all is not gonna give the info I want, I prefer specific docs, like the two I mentioned. I saw the Ghostbusters one recently and that was a lot of fun and provided tons of information a lot of which I didn't know.

    There is a great channel on youtube called 'good bad flicks' and they do film specific video's. Some of them are like mini commentary video's that are ok but I tend to stay away from there. But some are there to provide information about the film and those are very enjoyable, with lots of information coming quick and fast. Lots of which, on the video's I've seen I did not know before.
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    I liked this but it is like something I would see as a tv special back in 2006 or so. It was fun but def not worth buying for 80 bucks. It was enjoyable enough though

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