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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by thrashard76, Dec 9, 2001.

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    Does anyone have an official web site to his works? A filmography list or what can be bought here in the States? What do you consider some of his best works? How many Emanuelles are there? What are some of his non-Emanuelle films?:)
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    there are a lot of Emmanuelle films most are not done by D'Amato he is responsible for the "black Emmanuelle" films, and mixing Horror/gore with hardcore porn :) . ...Birth name
    Aristide Massaccesi
    Date of birth (location)
    15 December 1936
    Date of death (details)
    23 January 1999,
    Rome, Italy. (heart attack)
    Sometimes Credited As:
    Sarah Asproon
    Donna Aubert
    Stephen Benson
    Steve Benson
    John Bird
    Alexandre Borski
    Alexandre Borsky
    James Burke
    Lee Castle
    Lynn Clark
    O.J. Clarke
    Hugo Clevers
    Dario Donati
    Raf Donato
    Drago Floyd
    Romano Gastaldi
    Robert Hall
    Richard Haller
    David Hills
    Gerry Lively
    Kevin Mancuso
    A. Massaccesi
    Aristide Massaccesi
    Aristide Massaccessi
    Andrea Massai
    J. Metheus
    Peter Newton
    Una Pierre
    Tom Salima
    John Shadow
    Federico Slonisco
    Frederick Slonisco
    Fédérico Slonisco
    Federico Slonisko
    Federiko Slonisko
    Frederick Slonisko
    Frederic Slonisko
    Frederiko Slonisko
    Fred Slonisko
    Chana Lee Sun
    Robert Vip
    Michael Wotruba,+Joe#e1980......that should give you plenty of info as for dvd's of his availible in the U.S there are a few but they are imports at a high price, the only US release of his is "the Grim reaper" wich is cut all to hell and back, and I believe a couple of soft core dvds
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    here's a few of the import dvds availible[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I said thows are just a few:) oh yeah they are pornos[​IMG]
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    Aug 8, 2001
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    `Anal Palace` now theres a title! hehe
    i like his movies too much, we need more quality releases...
    Anthropophagous Uncut would be a godsend
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    In Feb Shriek Show is releasing Beyond the Darkness on DVD uncut.

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    Amadeus Mozart is probably his masterpiece. Obviously influenced by Milos Forman it spots some great cinematography by Vittorio Storraro. Of course, D'Amato had to change the script, turning it into a porno since Ennio Moricone demanded too much money, but the film is still a masterpiece.
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