Just replaced my LD Player with a newer model.

Discussion in 'Laserdisc' started by Max Yokell, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. Max Yokell

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    Well My LD Player was an Old Pioneer CLD 701 which was once a very nice Player, and I installed the RF upgrade kit myself. But of late it has had problems. It would not flip sides right and more and was getting finicky about opening it draw and giving me back my LDs.

    I thought i was done with LDs but...

    I got a Deal on a CLD 504 (lacks the digital memory of the 701) but hey will play my LDs once again.

    I notice Dave still talks about getting LDs and now that I am going to have a newer LD player this weekend the first question that comes to mind is....

    So where do I find good quality used Laser Discs

    And is quickly followed by....

    What Horror Movies that are not out on DVD anywhere in the world or have better LD versions do I need to look for.

    BTW I a also looking to pick up the Golden Age Of Looney Tunes box Sets 2,4,5 and the Tex Avery Box Set. I have 1 and 3 allready. So if anyone is looking to unload those LDs then let me know.

    So now how bout some Reccomended Sites for Buying LDs and Some reccomended Horror LDs to hunt down.

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    First and foremost don't give up on that Pioneer 701. The 700 series by Pioneer were built like tanks and offer primo performance. Hell, if you've given up on it, I'd be willing to take it off your hands.

    Off the top of my head, I'm betting you have a clamping problem with that 701. If the clamp doesn't get a full grip on the disc, it will be real reluctant to flip or return your disc. Often, the disc is spinning freely (rather than braking to a stop), and the player will do nothing until the disc comes to a complete stop. Since you've already had it apart to do a AC-3 upgrade (no easy task, I've done one myself), take a few minutes to take off the cover and observe the how the clamp behaves. A little bit of professional head cleaner (on the clamp surface) and a few shots of WD-40 (on the mechanism) might be all you need.

    As far as buying discs, you get the best deals from ol' E-Bay.

    Always check out Big Emma (http://www.bigemma.com), you never know what you'll find.

    Finally, my local shop, Ross' Exchange (http://www.rossexchange.com) has a large selection of LDs. Their prices may seem high ($14 for a single disc, $20 for a double, 1/2 of list price for Criterions and box sets), that price is fixed no matter the rarity of the disc. In other words, if he gets the Frighteners box set, it will cost half of list, or $50.
    He also will allow you to have a "want list" of 5 titles. That means, if the title comes in, he'll call you before it goes on the shelf. If you put your name on a list for that Frighteners box set though, your name will be after mine though!
    And even though his prices are high, his trade-in policy is very generous. But he only keeps one copy of any given title in stock.
  3. Max Yokell

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    Well I had not given up on the 701 I actually found a place that works on them, but after reading your post, I thing that is exactly what is happening. I figured since they don't make LD Players any more I would get the 701 fixed and have a back up in hopes of extending the life of my LD collection.

    Who knows maybe I will set them up together that way I can take MY CAV SW movies and watch them without getting up as often. :)

    Our local LD store went under even with switching to DVD.

    Well when I pull out the player this week I will open it up and check the braking of the disc. Hmm That does not sound good. :)

  4. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Guest

    Wow I did some looking around online and it seems that many LDs hae not only held their price but gone up in value.

    I have two of the Looney Tunes Box Sets and it seems that King Kong/Son Of Kong LD is fetching a good price as well. I wonder how many of the LDs that I have are pulling in good money.

  5. Dave

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    Any that aren't on DVD. Really, that's all you need to think about in determining their value. If they're not on DVD, or the DVD is missing extras, then the LD is worth something. How much depends on the rarity of the LD. Looney Tunes box sets have always sold for a lot.

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