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  1. Maupin

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    I bought the Japanese region 2 disc of Kakashi (Scarecrow) last week and just today got a chance to watch it. The disc has the typical Japanese special features: making of special, interviews, trailers, no commentary and no English subtitles. The picture was excellent.

    Kakashi is about a young woman looking for her brother, who has been missing for a week. She finds a letter from a small out-of-the-way town in his apartment, so decides to visit the town. There she meets lots of strange clannish townspeople who treat her like an outsider. There are scarecrows everywhere. She is told the scarecrow festival will be held in a few days, but she soon discovers people in the town are changing into scarecrows, and they don't want her to leave!

    The only scary thing about this movie was that while watching it I remembered how good 1988's Scarecrows was and experienced a little bit of fright. I'm afraid you'd have to watch Kakashi in a dark house filled with scarecrows to find it frightening. There's a lot of potential in a movie about people changing into murderous scarecrows and it was all wasted. The director, Norio Tsuruta, also directed Ring 0, which is much better.

    According to the case, it's based on a manga. There's an obvious nod to Invasion of the Body Snatchers at one point in the film. The ending was completely unsatisfying, as well.

    Does anyone know if there are plans to release Scarecrows on DVD?
  2. dvdasia62

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    I enjoyed "Kakashi" and found several scenes very well done and quite creepy. The overall atmosphere of the film is ominous and I enjoyed that aspect of it also. :)
  3. Maupin

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    Which scenes did you find creepy? I was almost creeped out by the reading of Izumi's diary and the little girl's change (a la Night of the Living Dead) but not much.
  4. Fart Lighter

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    i thought this was an excellent film. The whole atmosphere was creepy, the plot intriguing, and the part where the scarecrows corner her on the stairs was very spooky.

    It's a bit sad that you bought an expensive Japanese idks if you didn't like it that much. It's available very cheaply from DDDHouse.com with English subs. Non-anamorpic, no extras, but fair enough quality.
  5. dvdasia62

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    As I mentioned, the whole atmosphere of the film was creepy and kinda surreal. The reading of the diary and the little girl as mentioned were creepy as was the stairs scene and the ending when the guys daughter comes for the other girls brother. Pretty effective little chiller.
  6. Maupin

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    Ah well, guess I have the dissenting opinion on this one.

    Yeah, the disc was kind of expensive, but I was buying a copy of Yotsuya Kaidan anyway and since the salesgirl was cute I asked her for recommendations of really scary ghost movies. I'd seen everything she recommended except this one and since she was so cute I bought it.

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