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    This was a pleasant surprise. The story revolves around two girls in love with the same man. He loves one and the other is just his bitch. The girls find out about each other through a bizarre crime at a friends wedding reception. They befriend each other for awhile... then all hell breaks loose. Plenty of blood, twists and turns and surprises. A definate buy. I wouldn't be surprised if this was already tagged for a remake in Hollywood.
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    This sounds like one to seek out! I'm hoping I can make a DDDHouse order soon, so I'll see if they have this sucker.
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    May 13, 2002
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    I caught up with this one tonight.

    I'm not completely sure about it at the moment. It's very well made, and the two actresses playing the leads are gorgeous to look at. The Director sure knows what he's doing, and visually the film is quite beautiful at times. I have the R2 Tartan release, and the transfer is great (with DTS).

    On the other hand, the story line was a little bit too "kooky" for my liking. I stopped believing that any of these could have any foundation in reality (I mean the context in which it was happening in this film, not whether these events were possible at all), and the climatic revelation made me groan.

    I'm glad I have it, because it's far from terrible. Something about it though.... makes it something other than perfect. My DVD's are getting ready to be packed, so I can't go look up the title, but I saw a film with the same title not so long ago. That one was set in London. This film was no better or worse than that - other than the fact that the cinematography is more polished.

    Curious one this, I'll go ahead and recommend it, with a couple reservations that may not apply to others.
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    I quite enjoyed it myself. Sure, there were some parts that weren't completely original, but I found that the two lead actresses were so good playing their parts that they managed to gloss over any rough parts. Excellent chemistry between the two of them.
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    Agreed. The script isn't the best, but the direction is super tight and my are those two actresses ever fabulous together. Wow. I was just riveted watching their performances and was willing to pretty much go wherever they took me. Things I should have thought were silly or outlandish just made perfect sense to me under the context that these two were the ones involved. They sold the drama to me, plain and simple. Excellent movie. Thanks for the tip DDM.
  6. Franco

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    Dec 16, 2004
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    Just bought it (almost a blind buy), for USD 8 incl. shipping. Quite cheap DVD in DDDHouse.
  7. Paff

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    I watched this on Saturday night, and rather enjoyed it. Definitely moreso than the scathing review it got on KFC Cinema, that's for sure. There's some dumbness in it, and more than a few plotholes. But for one thing, I thought it did the best screen version of the famous wake-up-in-an-ice-filled-bathtub-minus-a-kidney urban legend so far, some of the late plot twists work really well, and the ending is REALLY hard-hitting. I definitely saw some parallels with
    Amy Irving at the end of Carrie
    , and I kinda dig that downbeat feel.

    Worth a look.

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