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    Slashers- Japan's hottest reality show- is cutting America in on the action in its first U.S. special. Six lucky contestants will compete for millions of dollars, fighting for their lives against three blood thirsty killers- Chainsaw Charlie, The Preacherman, and Dr. Ripper- in an extreme death match that turns mass murder into a spectacular sport.
    The stakes are high and the rules are simple... THERE ARE NO RULES! Anything goes for ratings in this ultimate reality extravaganza.

    Image 4.5/5
    ALL I CAN SAY HERE IS SUPER FINE! And I think DJ Slash would agree with me!
    Shot on High Definition Digital Video, the video quality truly looks like any network program which adds to the realism of all the gore in the film. The image is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen and is sharp and crisp throughout with dense shadows and some nice inventive lighting. Their is no grain present yet their is some very slight video noise with all the extras crammed on the disc. Another great thing about the transfer is how vibrant all the colors are. The blood looks great when it flows, and boy does it flow!! The colors especially look great when two of the characters are running through the clown room. Great stuff here.

    Audio 4/5
    The audio here is presented in 2.0 Dolby Surround. The track is clean, free of hiss and distortion, and is easily heard throughout. DJ Slash's techno tunes sound great here. However, I’m sure they'd sound even better in 5.1 surround. Nonetheless, the audio here sounds great anyway.

    Extras 5/5
    There are a lot of extras here and they are all awesome.

    Photo Gallery-Here in the gallery is some nice stills from the film itself.

    Biographies- We get some great biographies about the Director, the six contestants, and the three Slashers.

    Dr. Ripper Promo-Here we get a little teaser featuring a monologue with Dr. Ripper and scenes from his kills. Very cool

    We also get two cool featurettes with interviews, auditions, the making of, and how all the gore was created for the film. Very informative

    We get a pretty cool director's commentary in which he explains a lot of interesting info and technical aspects.

    Next we get some deleted scenes all of which were cut for mainly time. Some contain some extended gore, taunting of the contestants from the slashers, and some dialogue scenes.

    Finally the rest of the extras consist of the film trailer, more slasher promos, and a Fangoria interview
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    Cool review. I think I'll finally check it out.
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    Great review. Me, I LOVE this movie and also think that the the dvd is top quality. The quality of the extras really surprised me, you don't usually get those kind of goodies on such a lesser known modern flick. I purchased it as a rare blind buy off amazon and was thrilled to bits with it. I replay my dvd often and don't seem to tire of it because it is just a straight up hella good time. :banana:
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    South Florida, But Far from the Hell that is Miami
    Finally saw this hidden gem! Got a used copy for $7, and was worth every penny!! Great use of video for a film! Great premise, and a fun film!! Great dvd too! Lots of fun extras! I highly recommend it too!!

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