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Discussion in 'Laserdisc' started by load death 2, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. load death 2

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    what are some good horror LD's to get that are not available on dvd?
    so far i only have one of my all time favorite movies Blade Runner the criterion collection.

    I'll be back on monday to see.

    i really apprechate it
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    Probably search - I think this has been discussed before, though the lists we've created in the past are probably outdated by now.
  3. load death 2

    load death 2 Guest

    as long as i've been looking at this message board i had no idea you had a laserdisk category. :p

    sorry :lol:
  4. Paff

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    While there aren't too many "exclusives" anymore, you can often find reasonably cheap LDs of movies that are out of print and rare on DVD. And the DVDs were ported from the LD, so you're getting the same quality. I'm talking about stuff like Alice Sweet Alice, or Lady in White.

    I think those are coming on SE DVDs soon though. I generally just hit up E-bay with a few search terms like "Hammer", or "Elite", or "Roan", and that will bring me to the discs I still want to pick up.
  5. Agent Z

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    There are also versions of laserdiscs that are still better than their current dvd incarnations, in some facet or another.

    Two that come right to mind:

    Jaws:Signature Collection: this boxset has the original Oscar-winning soundtrack, which was changed (for the worse) on the current Anniversary dvds. Also, this has the full documentary intact...a big difference from the documentary on the dvd.

    Dawn of the Dead: Director's Cut: this Elite boxset has a different commentary track from the one on the recently issued AB dvds/boxset. And while I think the dvd commentary is better, it's still a good listen for Dawn completists.

    Here is a good thread to browse every once in awhile to see why people still pick up the titles on laserdisc that they do:

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  6. Sam

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    [Shameless plug] I've got nearly a hundred LDs for sale in the Trade forum. [/Shameless plug]

    That aside, there are a number of gems to be on the lookout for.

    * The Frighteners Signature Collection
    * Tales from the Darkside episodes
    * Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (additional commentary track)
    * Night of the Living Dead (superior A/V IMO)
    * Full Moon titles
    * Hammer titles
    * Elite titles

    Those are just off the top of my head. Image released a TON of obscure 80s slashers onto LD that I haven't heard as much of a whisper of a DVD in sight so those may be worth looking for. A lot of HK/Asian and classic Horror titles may also be exclusive to LD/VHS at the moment.
  7. load death 2

    load death 2 Guest

    about full moon! now,i'm a big fan of subspecies.
    i have subspecies one and two on dvd, can i get 1,2 and 3 on LD? is it better on LD?
  8. load death 2

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