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Discussion in 'Laserdisc' started by Nos4ah2, Mar 9, 2001.

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    First of all, I've never even touched a laserdisk before today, so bear with me.

    I wanted to know what people see as some of the advantages that laserdisk has over dvd.
    I Know that sometimes you can find things on laserdisk that will never be on dvd at least supplements wise...(like the Criterion disks)

    I'm going to buy a player, and I was wondering what to look for. I know I want to get one that plays both sides of the disk, because I hate to get up and flip disks when I'm involved in a movie.
    Aside from that???

    Also, where do you get ahold of Japanese disks? I'd love to get my hands on the Japanese disk for Eraserhead, and Twin Peaks Fire walk with me, and a few other movies that I know about that have extra footage and things like that.

    Finally, does anyone know if the laserdisk of David Cronenberg's Videodrome has anything that the dvd doesn't?

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    I'll tell the first person who responds to this where to find Cannibal Holocaust on Laser for $20.
    As well as:
    Candyman2 10
    Carnosaur 1&2, 10
    Dark Half, 10

    And a WHOLE bunch of other stuff...
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    Are you speaking of LaserExchange? heheheh, true LD freaks know ALL the places....

    I think if you search back a month or so, you'll get some info on various types of players.

    A quick rundown on some good 2 side players though:
    Pioneer CLD-99, CLD-79 (Elite)
    Pioneer CLD-D704, CLD-D703, CLD-D606, CLD-D504, CLD-D406
    Marantz LV-520
    Proscan PSLD-46
    Mitsubushi V-7057

    There's a LOT more good players than that, but I know those are all good. Stick with Pioneer, be sure it's 2-sided, and that's about 90% of the battle.

    As far as buying discs, looks like you already know about LaserExchange. Just be sure NOT to order from the site, it's not secure. Bust out a phone call.
    I also find good sales at , Ebay, and my local shop,

    For international discs, LaserExchange does carry some, you can also try E-bay. I got the Japanese pressing of Evil Dead from E-bay, and I've heard rumors it's still the best transfer of Evil Dead, though i've never compared it to the DVD. Some people still claim the Japanese LD beats the DVD. I also found the documentary Dario Argento - Master of Horror on E-bay as well (that's a different docu than World of Horror).

    Look for The Fog, The Howling, Halloween (Criterion CAV), Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones trilogy, 12 Monkeys box set, Phantasm 2&3, and that's just a start
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    And don't forget to look for Cronenberg's teriffic Scanners (widescreen), which also has an isolated score from Mr. Howard Shore! Watch the movie with just the score, it's very, very intense! Don't count on MGM to add this to their DVD edition. (If they'll ever get to releasing the movie at all!)

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