Let put our money where our mouth is on Warner Hammer titles

Discussion in 'Classic' started by mgfred, Oct 18, 2001.

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    We've all signed the petitions to Warner probably, but from what I hear the bottom line for Warner to do more Hammer films is the sales of "The Mummy". So if you haven't bought the Mummy yet, do so!

    Myself I've got a novel idea. I'm buying two copies this week and donating the extra one to our local Fire Station for "Our national heros" to watch during their downtime.

    Warner own the rights to all the good Hammer films, so lets show them we are interested, not just bitching.

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    good advice, i wish i could remember to look for it, though they did say at ther HTF chat that they were pleased with sales, so that's good.
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    I'd never seen the movie before but I bought the DVD anyways figuring it might help the sales.. Just finished watching the movie and though I've never been a big Mummy fan (I think the Karloff movie is pretty boring), I'll be damned if this isn't one of my favorite Hammer movies now! Great movie. The DVD just looks amazing, really vivid beautiful color.

    I don't like the fact that we may have to wait 2 years for more Hammer DVDs though. If the others look as good as this one, I can't wait.
  4. Mummy

    I bought the DVD. (I am collecting all the Hammer Horrors.) Don't expect the Anchor Bay extras.
    "The Mummy" with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee is not a bad film, but I doubt that there will be a lot of copies sold. If Warner had released "Horror of Dracula" or "Curse of Frankenstein" instead, these would have been a success.
    Warner did this with only one purpose.
    They hope that "The Mummy" DVD won't sell well and then they will have an excuse for not releasing the others.
    It's really a shame. Warner is antipathetic company, that can't be converted...:mad: :mad:
    And several of their UK releases were cut.
    We can only pray that Anchor Bay obtain the rights...

    If you haven't seen "The Mummy" yet, it's definitely worth a watch, but I prefer the vampires and Frankenstein...
  5. mutleyhyde

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    Mac, that would be an extermely bad business plan to follow. I tend to think it's more that they thought to cash in on mummy awareness brought about by the release of the Brendan Frasier movies. Add to the fact that Universal has been promoting their Mummy films with success, so maybe Warner saw this and took action, timing it right with the Frasier releases. As for the other two landmark films, either A.) Mummy does real good for Warner and they decide to make the other two real soon, or B.) we'll have to wait for a new Dracula and Frankestein film from a major studio before we see these on dvd.

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