Man Behind The Sun U.S dvd release

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by jak, Dec 22, 2003.

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  2. Andrew

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    I'll be all over this once I hear more about it. Hopefully the transfer is decent enough.
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    That's a very reasonable price.
    As I've said before, I fell asleep during a showing of this movie during a 48hr film festival in Manchester (UK) but woke up briefly during the infamous cat / rat scene. Strangely, my subconscious kept the whole thing under wraps for a decade before I remembered it!
    Here is a very good interview that all fans of the movie may find interesting:

    I must admit, this isn't a film I'm ever likely to revisit. Must be old age setting in but I really don't think I'd enjoy such grim fare, thesedays. Maybe it's just a phase I'm going through...
  4. jak

    jak Guest

    Features: Letterboxed; Dolby Digital 5.0 Surround; Text Interview With Director; Trailers

    Language(s): English, Cantonese, Mandarin

    English subs

    Taken from

    Sounds good overall but I'm willing to wager that the interview was taken from the net from the very same site supplied here! Though, that's just my gut instinct on that one.

  5. Atmims

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    If it's better than the Tokyo Shock version I might upgrade for that price. If anyone gets this that compare, please do so. Thanks. ;)
  6. Jeff Dolniak

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    Woulda been cool if Unearthed Dvd or someone got a hold of this. Maybe this company only has the rights for a few years and we'll see a special edition of this nasty masterpiece. I might still grab this barebones one . Can't go wrong for 12 bucks.
  7. h8sh8

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    Yeah that was my first thought too - isn't that interview his only English language interview? Sure I saw that it was somewhere.

    Here's the features of the Japan Shock version for anyone interested...
    Widescreen 1:1.85 (Digitally remastered from the 35mm negative print)
    Stereo sound
    All regions NTSC
    Eng/Dutch Subtitles
    Picture Gallery - this was about 8 lobbycards or some sort of advertsing (mostly using photos from the movie with some japanese writing) and a few photos of scenes from the movie

    I guess the main difference would be the 5.1 sound on the US version, and how the video of both versions compare (and also the subtitles too I guess). I had no complaints with the video and subs on the dutch version. Though, even if the US version is worse, the price the dutch one goes for on ebay is pretty damn expensive now that it's out of print. I'm spewin personally to have paid so much, only to find out a few months later it was coming out in the US.

    Is this US version uncut does anyone know?
    The Japan Shock (NTSC) one goes for 104 mins 57 seconds (or 104 mins written on the case)

    Hey, while on the subject does anyone know where to get Nanking Massacre (or Black Sun or whatever it's called?) I've heard it's only on VCD, but that would be cool. Anyone who's seen it - is it worth trying to find it? cheers
  8. betterdan

    betterdan Guest already has this listed as in stock for $14.96 even though deep discount says it's not out until the 30th. Is everyone sure this is widescreen? I had the Japan Shock one but returned it cause it skipped bad and I found out later it was really my dvd player that was bad. I would really like to get this disc again. Does CAV put out good quality discs?
  9. h8sh8

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    yeah, from the CAV website it is Fullscreen and also only 95 mins, so I assume it's a cut version - Japan Shock version is 104 mins - it's definately NTSC too eventhough it's a european dvd - just checked it out on my older 2nd tv which is PAL only (tvs in Oz are usually PAL & NTSC now). Man that's disappointing - 9 mins difference - there is not a large amount of gore in the movie either (what there is though, is full-on) so don't know how they'd cut that much. I guess it's hard to be definate til someone sees it, but the distributors site you'd think would be right, unless they haven't updated or something. Says "Street-Date: 12/02/03" too by the way.
  10. betterdan

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    That site also just says dubbed in English but no mention of subtitles. bleh I'm gonna get the Japan Shock one again.
  11. jak

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    Man Behind the Sun U.S dvd relase, it's uncut!!!

    the new dvd is infact uncut! In widescreen format to boot. However two problems remain: The transfer used for the disk was apparantly taken from a tape (most likely a tape of the Japan Shock version) and just before the autopsy sequence the transfer gives off a tiny glitch similiar to a tape. Yet this is a minor quible, and it does remain to be a solid transfer. The other problem is quite bad; dispite the packaging and listings on numerous websites there exists no English subtitles! Even though when you're watching the film and hit the subtitle button and the font to show that the Eng subs is indeed on is prominently displayed, no subs show up on the screen. Luckily the English dubbing is provided but it does indeed hampor the film with a few cockney accents and lines that don't match lips (think back to the Kung Fu films of the 70's and you get the picture), but later on you start to get used to it. Interestingly enough if you watch the end credits to the very end with the English dub on you can hear the narration for an English trailer(!), which I'll assume that the company took the dub from an old tape that contained the trailer at the end.

    Other then that there are four chapter stops, a directors interview that is already widely available on the net, a trailer, and the option to watch the film with a Mandarian or Cantonese dub but without subs this makes this function all but useless.

    It's not a special edition dvd or anything but it is quite decent, and worth getting if you simply must watch the film.

  12. Deaddevilman

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    Interesting... I saw this in Japan with English subtitles. I wonder where the hell they went.
  13. h8sh8

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    Looks like Unearthed Films are going to release Nanking Massacre sometime in the future...
  14. dwatts

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    I watched this film last night.

    Are you guys kidding me? :D

    What a load of trash this one is. Disgusting? Disturbing? Both things I'd read about this film, and really, for the likes of us very very wrong. It's laughable from start to finish. Putting aside three incidents: The decompression chamber, the cat, the rats on fire - there is nothing here that would remotely bother anyone. Of the three incidents - there's a nasty dissolve (Wolf Man transformation style) in the decompression chamber sequence - must be when they switched the body out. The cat sequence looks exactly how I'd heard it described by the film maker (we just covered a cat in red stuff), and the rat fire scene..... well okay, they was nasty if you're a rat - but it looks very cool as they scatter.

    Performances are uniformely ridiculous and there's some weak subplot about a baseball.

    There are a couple highlights though - firstly, there's a guy who burns all the body bits after the experiments who is always bombed out of his head. He's fun to watch as he hacks off a fake limb or two and dances (literally) his way to the oven. His little hovel is scatered with bodies while he does his jig, and it's always good when he's on the screen.

    Secondly, there's a mass crucification scene. I think mass crucification scenes have pretty much been ruined because if you don't start singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" during such times you're probably a bit boring anyway. Anyhoo how, in a long shot you suddenly see one of them uproot his crucifix and run off - which once again brings to mind the song. Suddenly, everyone is jumping down from the crosses and running away - if that doesn't make you roar with laughter (you've really got to se it) then nothing will. Basically, we lost it at this point and had to pause and rewind a few times.

    Look - this is basically a naziploitation film but with Japanese. It's on the same level as SS Experiment Camp quality wise. If you're a bit of a gorehound - and many people are here - then you might find the odd thing to entertain, but I seriously doubt you'll be able to take it seriously. It's just a bad film.

    The film notesa are very earnest and talks about people having heart attacks while watching this (the filmmaker claims, as I recall, 16 people in China had eart atacks watching it). I think we can safely say these weren't gorehounds.

    Kudos though for reprising the most excellent sequence from Death Bed where the guy loses all the skin off his hands and pensively looks at them. I certainly never thoughts I'd see that again.

    I recommended watching with the English dub because it addsa lot of fun to proceedings - it's terrible, but in a good way.

    All in all a very big disapointment this. Well, from the perspective of it being a shocking film. It'll be shocking for very few here - and for the rest, you might just get bored.

    Not recommended..... except you've read tons about it so will be curious... so you'l likely come across it at some time...

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