Mario Bava Movies to check out?

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Erg0n, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. Andrew

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    Wait is Baron Blood part of Image's Bava Collection?

    If it is, did it come in a keepcase?
  2. mazzariniuk

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    is part of the Mario Bava collection from Image. It is in the old style cardboard packaging (unlike many others on this forum, this does not bother me at all, I love opening these babies up to find liner notes - not big on booklets and inserts). The film itself was fanbloodytastic, being new to Bava and having only purchased LISA AND THE DEVIL / HOUSE OF EXORCISM SPECIAL EDITION and PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES. I couldn't believe how enjoyable this film was, I am so looking forward to watching this again. But first I have to watch BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, so I will let you know soon what I think of this aswell.
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    do you think that there's going to be special edition treatments to some of Bava's Barebone DVDs?
  4. mazzariniuk

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    Watched this today for the first time. Excellent. This knocks anything Argento has done off the top slot. I couldn't find a single fault with the film. Still can't believe it was made way back in 1964, it feels so new so fresh. Great cast with Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner and a very young looking Luciano Pigozzi (he looks so different from his later films like THE LAST HUNTER and CODENAME WILDGEESE). Hopefully at long last BLACK SUNDAY will come tomorrow. Have already decided that when I have some extra cash that BLACK SABBATH and WHIP AND THE BODY will be my next Bava purchases.
  5. piggwinn

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    Hunt down a copy of "Rabid Dogs". You won't regret it, It's seriously awesome.
  6. mazzariniuk

    mazzariniuk Guest

    It has arrived!

    Mr Postman handed over BLACK SUNDAY this morning! For all you non-snapper lovers out there, it came in a keep case, liner notes in a booklet (I want my snapper, these so remind me of the gatefold sleeves of good old LaserDiscs, but alas Image has conformed to the masses). Have yet to watch the film. Managed to get that extra bit of cash, can only afford one film, so should I order BLACK SABBATH or WHIP AND THE BODY.
  7. piggwinn

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    I would certainly go for Black Sabbath, the "A Drop of Water" segment is classic. I must admit in being a little dissapointed with "Whip and the Body", I'm not a big fan of tragic love stories. I have only watched it the once, so I'll give it another watch soon I think. I know from the boards it is held in high regard by some, but with a choice between these two, as mr White says " It ain't no choice at all"
  8. mazzariniuk

    mazzariniuk Guest

    Oops I did it again!


    On your advice I ordered BLACK SABBATH. But somehow I also ordered WHIP AND THE BODY ;) , my wife is going to go mad when she finds out. :mad: Now if I can sell a couple of my crap DVDs, I could come out with my marriage intact! :D
  9. I just ordered this DVD. I know it's one of the least discussed movies in a lot of places, but I have heard and read nothing but great things about it. Oh yea, it's my 1st Bava DVD!!!!!
  10. skinnypuppy6

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    the best deal on bava discs is the BAVABOX(vci) I would recomend buying it and not getting the individual versions of kill baby kill, the whip and the body and blood and black lace it sells for around 34.00 us and its a cool box set!(duh):)
  11. wait a sec...

    I got the Diamond version of Kill, baby. Kill. Is it terrible? I'm all about quality and a good presentaiton. Please tell me if I was wrong by doing this before it's too late!!! Thanks!
  12. skinnypuppy6

    skinnypuppy6 Guest

    yeah the diamond version is shit the vci is ok(not perfect but ok)
  13. Yeh, I've got the VCI version too - the trailers are cool Bird With Crystal Plumage, Blood & Black Lace & The Night Visitor - & the print is okay - like SkinnyPuppy says - not perfect, a few crackly moments but I think it adds something to the movie. There's a biography on there too.
  14. mazzariniuk

    mazzariniuk Guest


    I want to buy this and I want to buy it now. I don't need convincing, I just want to know what you good people think of this film?
  15. skinnypuppy6

    skinnypuppy6 Guest

    i like it alott :) :)
  16. Need I say more?
  17. mcchrist

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    No, you did fine.
  18. jae

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    I'm a huge Bava fan and I thought it was an OK movie. Keep in mind that it wasn't solely Bava's movie. The scope widescreen picture is very nice with some amazing gothic touches to the crypts/castles, etc reminiscent of Black Sunday/Whip and the Body and Bava's special effects are just amazing: aging a woman on camera with no cuts! Other than that, its a pretty routine thriller, its generally regarded as the first Italian horror movie since the silent era so its extremely mild and the horror elements are underplayed. Its more of a detective story.

    Other recommendations: Have you seen The Girl Who Knew too Much or Four Times that Night? Girl is a very nice Hitchcock'esque thriller with Bava's usual touches, Four Times isn't horror but I did rent it and really enjoyed it. Plan on buying the DVD one of these days.

    BTW, Your comments on Blood and Black Lace topping anything Argento did really made my day :D Its nice to see Bava get some recognition around these parts.

  19. Apparantly, Bava did the aging effect by lighting the whole scenes in green & painting the signs of aging onto Barbara Steele's face also in green stage makeup: dark eyes, sunken cheeks etc. To make the effect visible - he gradually brought down the green lighting, and at the same time introduced a red gel. As the colored light changed - the effect became visible to the cameras. Because it was black & white, it looked as if the aging appeared on her face in realtime. Genius. Actually, he was admittedly influenced by Mamoulian's Dr. Jeckyl & Mr Hyde - where Fredric March undergoes a similarly effective transformation.
  20. mazzariniuk

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    arrived this morning. Great film Mr. Bava, great DVD, great work by Image - again. Am I ever going to see a film by Bava that I don't like? Mr. Argento has a few I don't care for - well one actually and Mr. Fulci has a few I just don't like. I wish FAB Press would hurry up and release their book on the great man - I want my hardback and I want it now!

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