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Discussion in 'General' started by r_burgos2003, Aug 13, 2003.

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    forum created a double post *ignore*
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    haha, okay, maybe I didn't "yell". :cool:

    Anyways, I wasn't the only one :).

    It was a party type atmosphere. People cheering and yelling was happening throughout the movie. Was great besides the fact that most of the movie sucked :D.
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    Okay I just read that the stripper that Ben Affleck cheated on JLo with was a body double in Freddy vs. Jason.She was probably the one they used in the shower scene with Katherine Isabelle.Huh?
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    Well, I saw it at Harlem's Magic Johnson theater.

    Real reserved crowd there.....MY ASS!
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    saw this movie last night and enjoyed it. I thought the fight scene was going to be like 2 mins and was quite surprised that it lasted longer.
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    A cuple of thoughts:

    Without being spoilersish, did anyone else notice that the bed death looked like the wring wrAITHacks in fellowship of the ring, and that
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    Huh? :eek2:
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    I just got back from seeing FVJ and I must say I REALLY enjoyed it. I loved how they referenced the previous ANOES and F13 films and even showed clips from the ANOES films. Also, some scenes were very reminiscent of the previous films, such as the skinny-dipping babe in the beginning-- I smell Friday the 13th Part 2! :D

    I think it deserved to be #1 and will definitely get the DVD when it comes out. Another thing I didn't really like was some of the humor, like with
    that creature in the potheads dream who takes out a bong and takes a drag from it.
    I also could have done without the computer effects and rock music. I think they should have stuck with the original ANOES and F13 scores, since they are one of the things that made those films so wonderful. Other than that, I loved the film. :)

    EDIT: OK, here is my slight bisexual moment-- is there anyone else who think the guy who played Will is hot? ;) :lol:
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    i just saw F vs J and there were a few cool parts but i mostly feel the same as the people who bashed the film, so theres no use rehashing all of that. but i have to say i thought alot of the actually F vs J fight scenes were pretty damn lame, it looked like andre the giant wrestling midgets, freddy's skinny ass jumping on jason like a monkey and then getting thrown 500 feet thru the air. if they kept that stuff out it would have been cooler. theres nothing wrong with some cheese now and then, apart from the ending which probably stunk up the theater, but they could have kept the fight scenes more intense. bad movie with some cool moments.

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