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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Andrew, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. Andrew

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    Pretty much everyone (including me!) has seen Cemetery Man. I loved that movie, and we've wondered and bitched enough about getting a Region 1 release, so screw that.

    What about his other three? The Sect, Stage Fright, and The Church? I remember hearing something about Stage Fright coming out soon, and The Church was being put out by Anchor Bay (??) but I really don't know.

    The truth is, I'm anxious to see these movies and want to know when there will be NTSC Region 1 discs available.
  2. Oogie Boogie

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    THE CHURCH is terrible, IMO. It is completely boring and under developed. Poor excuse for a film from him. Go for his other titles first.
  3. Jason25

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    May 31, 2000
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    I didn't think The Church was that bad.

    My favorite Soavi film is Aquarius( Stage Fright). It is an excellent film. Soavi is definitely talented and I can't wait to own his films on dvd. The only one I have so far is the Red Edition of Dellamorte Dellamore.
  4. Soavi

    Don't listen to 'em - The Church rocks!
    ...And I do believe Stage Fright's already out on R1 NTSC from EC. I sure would like The Sect and the Church on R1 (special edition!) DVD, as well.
  5. evileye

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    I thought THE CHURCH was atmospheric but a tad slow in spots. Still not a bad film.

    STAGE FRIGHT is quite fun, and yes it is available in region 0, NTSC from EC entertainment. The transfer is great (I would imaging Anchor Bay will be hard pressed to beat this). The image is full frame (as it was shot) and gives you a theatrical matte option (similar to BRIDE OF REANIMATOR). The sound is in decent surround and has some extras (posters/pictures and a music video & trailer).
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    Where can I get it?
  7. suspiria

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    As a result of falling in love with Dellamore Dellamorte, I seeked out Soavi's other films but being in Sydney, Australia makes things a little difficult. I have bought The Sect on VHS from the UK and this movie is quite good. I found the first half to be awesome with great style in a similar vein to Argento which Soavi's trademark weirdness.

    The second half and ending of the film gets VERY whacky. Weird shit including a rabbit watching television and a stork impregnating a female :) GOOD QUALITY VIEWING if ya ask me :)

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