Michele Soavi's The Church, terrible!

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Surge92, Feb 1, 2001.

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    Re: My mistake

    ...sniffing glue "pays off".
  2. The Church rocks.

  3. You're absolutely correct! - Appologies to Fiore.

    Unfortunately, Anna was Dario's daughter - killed in a car accident.
  4. "The Church" was the only Michele Soavi movie that disappointed me. I admit it has some stylish parts but the story doesn't convince me. "Stagefright" is a better movie and "The Sect" and "Dellamorte Dellamore" are highly recommended.
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    i'm still uncertain about "Stagefright".. I'm a big Soavi fan and have seen all his films till Dellamorte Dellamore but I don't know what it is about Stagefright that I dislike..

    I think its mainly the REALLY cheesy acting and soundtrack.. Its way to 80s and Soavi should have opted to make the film a little more timeless as does Argento rather than go for what was "cool" at the time... And some of the character's expressions and behavious are plain ridiculous...
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    ah man, i loved the 80s ... i love 80s cheeziness too...
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    i dont hate the 80s but they sure are forgettable in many ways :)

    when it comes to film, i think a director should opt to make his film somewhat timeless and not so in with the times...
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    Amen Hess! Asia is a fucking goddess if Iv'e ever seen one! Absolute grade A, eye candy! She'll knock yo dick in the dirt. I enjoyed The Church very much! I have yet to be disappointed by a Soavi flick. Sure, it wasn't Dellamorte in the least but still man, Dellamorte is a fucking masterpiece. It's easily on my top 20.

    MISFITZ Guest

    I know "THE CHURCH" was 'gonna' be a 3rd DEMONS installment, but I hardly see how. It just doesn't seem to carry the same feel as the other DEMON movies. Yes people get trapped in a building and try to escape while people are transforming, but it didn't carry a 'DEMONS' feel to it.

    The people looked more 'zombie' and hypnotic rather than a gory mess of teeth falling out and claws and shiny greasy skin!!

    Seeing the demons in DEMONS, i grinned and cheered for them. I smiled and said "HELL YEAH" when that hooker's pimple/scratch popped and gushed out puss and ooze! Here in the CHURCH, it has a more religious battle feel than a gory ghoulfest.

    I dunno. I'm glad it was never released here as Demons 3.

    I like the CHURCH by the way. Though the musical 'burst' of chimes and keyboards seems to not fit at all in some scenes. LOL!!
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    The Church doesn't fit into the Demons mold because it was directed by Soavi, who seemed very much caught up in the concepts of Falconetti mixed with religion and sexuality. While I enjoy Demons 1 and 2 and watch them repeatedly, I think I got the main concept of the films right from the start. After watching the AB dvd of The Church, I almost feel as if I need to digest the film a few more times before I can truly get everything.

    Was Dellamorte Dellamore the usual Zombie film? Of course not, and why the hell should it? Soavi seems to have a very interesting and thoughful style that goes over people's heads.
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    Over People's Heads?

    "Soavi seems to have a very interesting and thoughful style that goes over people's heads."

    I have only seen Soave's first two films, Stagefright and The Church, but they are not over anyone's heads. They are bad films. I enjoy things in them because I am a fan of the genre, but, I nevertheless recognize that these two films are actually crap. What in Stagefright goes over my head? It certainly isn't the silly plot. It can't possibly be the terrible acting. So, what is it? Inquiring minds want to know. I will not comment on any of Soave's other films until I see them, but based on his first two, calling him the new master of Italian horror is an insult to Italians. It is akin to calling Joe Eszterhas the new Shakespeare!
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    you'll quickly be told to shut your mouth and stop being silly pal :) until you see Soavi's masterpiece "Dellamorte Dellamore" (aka. Cemetary Man) you should hold back your comments...

    and while The Church, The Sect and StageFright may contain silly plot holes and crappy acting, is this not the case with the majority of EuroHorror? the bottom line with a Soavi film, as is the case with any Argento film, is the atmosphere and visuals... Dellamorte takes that a step up and inserts philosophical poetry into the equation...
  13. skinnypuppy6

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    shut your mouth and stop being silly pal

    see dellamorte dellamore then comment on Soavi
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    I actually quite like The Church. Not Soavi's best work, admittedly, but still very good with plenty to recommend it.

    It has a great gothic atmosphere to it and Soavi directs competently, if a little uninspired. There are some great gore set-pieces, though the film does suffer, as has already been said, by a rather lacklustre pacing.

    Not nearly as bad as some would have you believe, but not a masterpiece either.
    Essential viewing if you're a fan of Italian horror cinema though.
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    "and while The Church, The Sect and StageFright may contain silly plot holes and crappy acting, is this not the case with the majority of EuroHorror?"

    This is true, but the directors of these other films are not being hailed as the new master of Italian horror, are they?

    The atmosphere and visuals in both Stagefright and The Church, the only two films of which I am writing, are lousy. The cinematography is terrible.

    If one takes the first films of true masters such as Mario Bava and Dario Argento, one sees masterpieces. Both Black Sunday and Bird With The Crystal Plumage are superb films. Stagefright is a cheap slasher flick with no style at all.
  16. EPKJ

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    "see dellamorte dellamore then comment on Soavi"

    I intend to buy it when it becomes available in Region 1, but, based on his first two films, I don't expect much. Further, a director must be judged on the entire body of his work, not just one great film. I loved A Clockwork Orange and Paths Of Glory, but Kubrick still made lousy films in The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. I rate him an above average director, but his quality is too erratic to earn the title of great. Now, I am willing to reconsider Soavi based on later works, but, you must be willing to account for the crap he produced in his first two films.
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    While I'll grant you that Stagefright is a pretty silly afair, I can't even begin to see how you could say it has no style. Style is the one thing that movie has going for it, and the one thing that pulls it above being just a crappy slasher.

    I won't even comment on "but Kubrick still made lousy films in The Shining". I'm sorry, but that is just ignorant.

    I personally find The Church to be a bit slow at times, but overall it is a very dark and rewarding affair.

    Also, how can your not liking Soavi's first two films somehow not make him the new face of Italian horror when you havn't seen his "Masterpiece". True, Bava and Argento pretty much shot right out of the gate, but what if you were having this conversation about Fulci in say, '65. He would have directed a few films at that point, even 10 years later, but he had yet to really break out. Or what if you'd only ever seen that Bava "girl bomb" movie with Vincent Price, but not seen his other work. You certainly wouldn't agree in his genius.

    I think I'm done rambling now.

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    Note On Michele Soavi

    Please note that I actually enjoy both Stagefright and The Church in some ways. My problem is not really with Soavi. If he and these films had not been hyped so much, I would probably be less harsh. Stagefright is a bad film even for its genre, and its only redeeming quality is that it is unintentionally funny. The Church is actually an average film, and is a vast improvement over Stagefright. So, perhaps Soavi gets better, but, this does not excuse people fawning over his first two efforts as if they are brilliant.
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    Ah, but after the amazing period contained within those films, was there anywhere to go but down? You should see The Killing too, if you haven't yet...

    I thought Stagefright had nice cinematography. It was the overkill of 80's "style" that harmed it for me...
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    I bought both Stagefright and The Church and really didn't like them all that much. I enjoyed both to some extent but there was too many plot holes. I have not seen Dellamorte Dellamore yet so i will not completly judge Soavi yet, untill i see that movie. But again if his first 2 were not that good then he can't be that good of a director if his only other movie is The Sect which is not supposed to be a masterpiece anyways. What are some of his other movies so i can judge him a bit better?

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