My Bloody Valentine unrated DVD?

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  1. Exactly my point. The Ratings system is completely politicized and thus does not really serve it's own purpose of classify movies and their suitability for the different age groups.

    We'll see what Dan Glickman, the new president of the MPAA is like.
    Valenti refused to disclose who was on his committe to rate movies
    while he was the head honcho.
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    Well, in the case of My Bloody Valentine, producers John Dunning and Andre Link found the missing footage a couple of years ago. They claim to have taken said footage to Paramount, but no one was interested in it. Either they genuinely didn't want to release something "unrated" or they just didn't feel it was worth the time and money to restore a completely uncut version. Seeing as how they are now talking of future Friday the 13th single-disc uncut re-releases, I'd say it was the latter.

    Now, I believe Dunning and Link's intentions are to work the footage into the My Bloody Valentine sequel (as flashbacks) that they are planning.

    Though, with the small horror catalog that Paramount has, they will have to start double-dipping if they want ro remain competitive in the coming years around Halloween. They still have a number of un-released titles (SENDER, LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, Etc.) but those will only last them so long.

    I forsee eventual re-releases of films like The Dead Zone, Pet Semetary and hopefully, My Bloody Valentine.
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