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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by heces, Mar 14, 2001.

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    hi guys.i have just ordered this dvd which is better known as "the etruscan kills again" starring samantha eggar and directed by armando(autopsy)crispino.has anyone seen it yet?i am hoping it is a great dvd but i ordered it from the description that stated it is one of the bloodiest giallos made in the 1970's.any info much appreciated.i will post a message when i have received it and watched it. :)
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    I've been wanting to buy it but I will wait until you tell us if it's any good first.
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  4. heces

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    i just watched this dvd yesterday as soon as it arrived.good film but ruined by an appalling transfer.the picture quality is a is jumpy,has a permanent hair in the bottom left corner of the picture,is very scratchy and has green lines appearing all over the picture.the new dvd company eurovista who have released this disc should be ashamed of for the extras and the black and white cheap and nasty insert they are equally crap.AVOID AT ALL COSTS! :mad:
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    Heces is right... The transfer has been taken fron video... There are even crease lines running through the picture in the early part of the film... Good to get to see the film, but not unmissable... This company had better think about any future releases as I definately wont be getting anything else from them until I hear some good feedback on future product
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    What a bummer, a real shame that this is such a bum disc. I would have liked to have gotten this one.

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