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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by crank, Jul 7, 2001.

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    I was wondering if anybody else had seen the cover art for Redemptions new Jean Rollin DVDs on the Shocking Images site. The listed titles were Rape of the Vampire, The Nude Vampire, The Iron Rose, Lost in New York, The Streets of Bancok. I think that was all fo them. Anyhow, that artwork has been up for quite a while now, and I still can't find any release dates, or even mention of the new titles ANYWHERE. I would love to know if anybody knows anything more about these DVDs and if they are actually coming out.

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    Those elusive Rollin DVD's

    I hope the rest of the Rollin films which are part of the Redemption/Image deal are issued soon. I REALLY want to see LE VIOL DU VAMPIRE and LA VAMPIRE NUE in the digital form they so rightly deserve. LA RAISINS DE MORT will be out in the near future from Synapse Films. That'll tide me over till the big Rollin fix I crave arrives.
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    Don't know if you know this or not, but Shriek Show has picked up the rights to both 2 Orphan Vampires, and Bride of Dracula, the 2 new Rollin movies. No word on when their going to release them though.

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    Synapse will also be doing Rollin's sex flick Fly Me The French Way

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