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    Here is my review for Anchor Bay's Nightmare City:

    Although mostly known for his notorious cannibal films (such as Cannibal Ferox), director Umberto Lenzi decided, in 1980, to take a crack at the zombie film. The result was something quite different than any zombie film seen before. The zombies in Lenzi's film are half zombies, half vampires that kill with assorted weapons and drink their victims blood. Also known as City of the Walking Dead, Nightmare City is a classic of the genre mainly because it is a camp classic. Let's take a look at Anchor Bay's treatment of the film and see if it does the film justice...

    The Plot

    A nuclear disaster transforms a number of people into zombie/vampire creatures. A reporter scheduled for an interview goes to the airport to meet the person he is interviewing and is intrigued when a mysterious, unidentified airplane lands. The police arrive on the scene and order whoever is inside to come out. It seems as if they won't listen, when suddenly the door opens and the creatures emerge, killing nearly everyone in sight with an assortment of weapons (i.e. machine guns, knifes, etc.). The reporter wants to broadcast a news bulletin warning the people of the city, but the chief of the station is against it. He soon realizes what a mistake he has made when a load of zombies take over the station, killing everyone. The dead people come back exactly like the crazed zombies that killed them. They take over homes, hospitals, churches-- soon the whole world is taken over by these creatures. The reporter goes to the hospital where his wife works and rescues her from a group of zombies. They leave the hospital, which has become overrun with the things, and head for nowhere, not sure where to go because the zombies are everywhere. Finally, there is a bloody showdown between the zombies and the reporter-- who will win??? You have to watch the movie to find out!

    The ending is awesome and you definitely won't be expecting it. I highly recommend this movie because everything about it is just so cool-- it has plenty of violence and gore, the music is awesome, and just the overall feel of the movie is great. The acting is somewhat poor and the dubbing is awful but that only adds to the fun of watching this camp classic. The only thing that really weakens the film is all the technological mumbo-jumbo. But the rest of the film more than makes up for it. This is definitely a must-see for any fans of the zombie genre.

    Rating: 5/5

    Video Quality

    Anchor Bay has done another marvelous job with their DVD of Nightmare City-- the picture is colorful, sharp, and overall just wonderful. Despite some minor grain, I think this is one of Anchor Bay's best transfers to date. Great job!

    Rating: 5/5

    Sound Quality

    The film is in Dolby Digital Mono, yet I feel that it does the film justice. Words are clear as day and the music sounds great. I have never really liked Mono and think that maybe Anchor Bay could have done better, but this is very good-- about as good as it gets with Mono.

    Rating: 4/5

    Special Features

    While low on extras, the ones which are included are very nice and interesting. First up is a 13 minute interview with director Umberto Lenzi called Tales of a Contaminated City. It was very interesting, although a bit short, and contains spoilers so it is best to watch it after the film. It is in Italian with subtitles. The theatrical trailer is also included and looks very good, although not as good as the movie. The Umberto Lenzi bio is also worth reading. Anchor Bay could have done slightly better in the extras department, but they have done a great job with what they have included.

    Rating: 3.5/5


    Great movie, great disc. Anchor Bay has really done a fantastic job with the video and audio quality, and this is some of their best work, in my opinion. The extras could have been better, but the interview was interesting and so was the trailer and the bio. If you love this movie, put this disc on your "to buy" list as this is probably the best Nightmare City will ever look. If you have never seen the film, you might want to give it a rental first to see if you will like it.

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5
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    another good review, i hope you didnt pay more than $20 for this one, i think i got mine for $15 or less,
    a really fun movie, great to watch with a group of friends!
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    Actually, I got it for free! From AB's Michael Felscher at the Horrorfind Convention in Baltimore. He asked me a question about it, since I had said I had never seen it before and really wanted to, I answered it correctly, and he handed it to me! I was in total shock and thought he was kidding but he wasn't!!

    I was so happy! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
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  5. A great review for a great movie!

    Great work Ryan. :D
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    Again, good review Ryan! I thought the video transfer on NC was just amazing, especially considering how bad it has looked on VHS and DVD prior to this disc. The only thing better than AB's transfer is the film's ending. :banana:
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    Ghost World
    Awesome review! [​IMG]

    I actually own this DVD but still haven't gotten around to watching the film. This review reminded me I have to check it out soon. :glasses:
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    Great review Ryan, you got a real knack for this shit. I love Nightmare city, I think it is one of the ultimate party movies.
  9. RyanPC

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    Hell yeah! :D :evil: :banana:

    Thanks! :)

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