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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by RJMacReady, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. Re: So you did illegally request a replacement!

    Ah Ha! U remember mgfred. My friend let me have the Moonlighting disc (big whoop) & he took the Opera (after letting me watch it of course)! So yes, I took Moonlighting back & got what I wanted for my troubles!

    mgfred, U have a way of makin' an 'ol Vampire Hunter here feel guilty as hell! (or maybe I'm just a big p*ssy!...U R what U eat ;) )
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    The problem with people today....

    Maybe, I'm just old and set in my ways, but this thread upsets me that people take advantage of this situation. Anchor Bay realized they had a big problem, and they made a painless method to receive a new DVD. They probably realized shortly after, that many requests were coming from people that did not buy the disk, but they still kept their word and replaced them. So to make up for the delay they give a free DVD of a title they have a lot of in inventory. To reward AB you guys return it to a retailer and get credit towards a non AB title and now the retailer is probably going to return it to AB eventually and it's going to cost them even more dough. I'm probably never going to watch the Moonlighting DVD, however I'm not returning it. But to brag about committing fraud, thats not cool, and anybody who did take advantage of what was a good gesture on Anchor Bay's behalf to us, should be ashamed of themselves.


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