Painting Gore on Aliens

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Andrew, Aug 3, 2001.

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    Picked up The Stendhal Syndrome for $15 at Best Buy (yeah, so it's the Troma version, shaddap!), The Beyond for $20 at Circuit City (they have surprisingly decent prices), and Alien for $25 (so it's not Euro horror, but I'm not gonna talk about it).

    OK, so I heard stuff about there NOT being a commentary by Sergio Stivatelli. It says on the back there is, but I wouldn't be astonished if Troma was just fucking with me. there one??

    The Beyond! Woohoo! Finally got it. The disc is great, isn't it?

    Alien......well fuck Alien.
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    Each to his own, I guess. I like Fulci, but think beyond is pretty poor. The plot continuity was annoying. City of the Living Dead is much better.

    And how can you say that about Alien? Apart from a great movie, that is one fantastic loaded DVD.
  3. Andrew

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    I said it 'cause this is the most "Stay the fuck on topic" forum, and Alien ain't Euro-Horror.

    As a film, Alien is excellent, one of my very favorites. I just got through the DVD tonight, it's awesome! And I didn't even get to watch it with the commentary!

    Also, The Stendhal Syndrome was pretty good. Aside from the aspect ratio being a bit wrong (watch the opening credits and look to the left of the screen and you'll see what I mean), I was pretty impressed with the picture. It wasn't that bad, very watchable, and better than VHS. The four ten-minute interviews DRAG. The second interview with Argento is the best, however the one with Deodato is entertaining (not in a serious way). Also, the Troma Intelligence Test 2 (!) was decent, showing you bits of nude scenes from various actresses. The tour of the Troma "headquarters" is also amusing. Keep in mind, however, that these last two things have nothing to do with The Stendhal Syndrome (which Kaufman repeatedly calls The Standhel Syndrome). All in all though, I was impressed.

    Haven't gotten to the Beyond yet. I'm waiting for my Home Theater to get here so I can experience it in true 5.1.
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    The Beyond is a terrific disc. Love the film too, some creepy moments, love the beginning scene too and of course, I love the ending.

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