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Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. I have some of the Hammer releases to DVD, but was wondering, does anyone have the films, Countess Dracula or Vampire Circus on LD and if so, are they the complete and uncut versions? Also, is there any extras on those laserdiscs?
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    I have both of them. They are indeed the uncut British versions (both films start with the Rank logo). They have no extras, not even a trailer. :(
  3. Thanks for the info, DH! :D
  4. Paff
    Try to find the other Universal Double Feature Laserdisc if you can: Phantom of the Opera/Paranoiac. Phantom is pretty good if your a Hammer fan but the real treat here is a pristine 2.35.1 cut of Paranoiac which features Oliver Reeds best performance in a Hammer film in my opinion and it is one of the best of Hammers Psychological thrillers series.
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    The Hammer films I have on LD are the Nightmare/Kiss of the Vampire double feature, and Brides of Dracula. I know the double disc has some good extras like trailers for Kiss of Evil (the edited American release) and a stills gallery. I think Brides also has a stils gallery as well.

    Both were purchased at the Pioneer warehouse, brand new and factory sealed, for a buck each. Can't beat that.

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