Rhett's Halloween Top Ten 2005

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, Nov 1, 2005.

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    It's not a Top ten list jackass.
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    Actually it is, it's the name of the thread; what part of 'Rhett's Halloween Top Ten 2005' didn't you understand?
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    No, Ash meant that it's not a top ten all-time favorites list... it's only a list for this Halloween, and it changes every year. Because Rhett always has Halloween as his top movie every year, he chose Halloween 5 as a change of pace and because this year's theme is Eurohorror. Halloween 5 has a European style to it, moreso than any of the other Halloween films. If you had actually read what he had to say about the film, I think you'd know that by now. ;)

    I don't care for Halloween 5, though, so I'm not defending the film by any means. :D
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    There is no question that EYES WITHOUT A FACE is a superior film in all respects to HALLOWEEN 5. It is a celebrated relic of horror, and with good measure. HALLOWEEN 5 however, has faced much dissent, including your aggressively staged criticism, and is one that I feel does not get the respect it deserves. Like Ryan already pointed out, I picked HALLOWEEN 5 as the number one horror film that I'd be watching this Halloween. Not that it is a better film, or even a better Halloween-themed film than the others on this list, but for this year, at this particular time, it was the film I felt deserved the strongest recommendation.

    You don't read reviews often here, and it shows. Again, like Ryan said, I was trying to mix things up in order to keep this year's recommendations fresh. You can go to MSN.com or ABCnews.com and get your boring "definitive" horror lists that cite PSYCHO, SUSPIRIA, and DAWN OF THE DEAD as the greatest horror films ever made, but really, what is that telling you that you as a horror fan don't already know. I could do the same list every year of my favorites, and it would be nothing but repetetive and boring. What I am trying to do here is mix things up enough to let people in on horror films they might have overlooked. The picks are often far from the popular pick, but that's my opinion, I've defended it, and hopefully it will persuade others to check out less conventional options, like HALLOWEEN 5 or NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS.

    If you want to be spoon fed popular opinion or get your tastes reaffirmed by the uninformed majority, then the IMDb forums are always waiting.

    As for nostalgia clouding my choices, you're entirely off the mark there. While it is no doubt an issue for all film lovers (I've enjoyed GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE since childhood but could never reasonably defend it, thus you won't see it making any of my lists), it is something I consciously avoid falling onto as a crutch. I try to look at things critically, and as many forum members know, sometimes too critically. It's been only about five years or so since I first saw HALLOWEEN 5, and it's been a film that's lingered for me. Not for nostalgia, but based on style and execution, and to me it's one of the more interesting entries into the series. If you actually read my review you'd know this, so I'll spare the defense.

    If you disagree with my opinions, fine, we've all got our own and differences are a facet of experiencing art. In fact, I appreciate when there is disagreement, since it can facilitate the best debate and learning. When you attempt to belittle though, it kills conversation and just makes you come across as ignorant. Was I high? Really, if you are talking about the "cliched and uninspiring" it doesn't get much worse than that. Well, okay, it does. Say "hi" for me.
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    I picked Halloween 5 up used the other day based on your recomendation Rhett. You were right about the stylish elements going on. And yeah, when you watch it thinking "Europian horror" you get it better. Still though, it isn't Halloween 4, the best of the series in my eyes, and since 4 was my fave, 5 had a lot to live up to when I saw it as a kid. I'm glad I revisited it and now own it though - thanks.

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