Rhett's Halloween Top Ten

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. The Dark

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    My top 10 this Halloween will be in no order as yet;
    Re-Animator (All time favourite)
    Bride of Re-animator (Excellent gory sequel)
    The Eye (Real scary stuff from Thailand)
    Evil dead 1 + 2 (Who can live without these?)
    Dead & buried (Creepy classic)
    The beyond (Hail Fulci, king of the gore)
    Hell of the living dead (So bad, it's great)
    28 days later (Best horror film in years)
    Also some Argento, Bava etc be in order too. How many films can we fit into 24 hours?
  2. scaryguy88

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    Jun 13, 2004
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    10 return of the living dead
    09 boogeymen
    08 creepshow
    07 nightmare on elm street
    06 texas chainsaw massacre (76)
    05 evil dead (1 or 2 whichever you prefer)
    04 dawn of the dead (78)
    03 frankenstein
    02 night of the living dead (68)
    01 Halloween

    These are probably the best ten i could think of right now theres alot more, but these are the ones i prefer the most.
    Also a bunch of simpsons halloween specials are great my favorites are 1,3,4,6,14
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  3. satanservant

    satanservant Guest

    10. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
    9. The Fog
    8. Last House on Dead End Street
    7. Last House on the Left
    6. Rabid
    5. Videodrome
    4. Dracula (1931)
    3. At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul
    2. The Dead Trilogy
    1. Carnival of Souls
  4. RyanPC

    RyanPC Guest

    My list:

    10. The Beyond
    9. The Brood
    8. The Omen
    7. Friday the 13th
    6. Nightmare City
    5. Last House on the Left
    4. Suspiria
    3. Zombi 2
    2. Carrie (1976)
    1. Dawn of the Dead

    Normally I would have included Halloween, but that's gonna be on everyone's list. :D
  5. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    Top 10 Halloween Picks:

    10. Vampire Hunter D
    09. Bubba Ho-Tep
    08. Young Frankenstein
    07. American Werewolf In London
    06. Hell of the Living Dead
    05. Night Of The Demons
    04. Biozombie
    03. Audition
    02. The Eye
    01. Night Of The Living Dead

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