Scariest Film You've Ever Seen?

Discussion in 'Reader Polls' started by RyanPC, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. etale

    etale Guest

    Definitely THE HAUNTING (1963). It proves that what you don't see is a lot more frightening that what you do see.

    Runner-ups are ALIEN, CAT PEOPLE (1943) and UZUMAKI.
  2. the_leper

    the_leper Guest

    The Exorcist had me up for weeks. The very night I first saw it- as I lay in bed, terrified and convinced that I was going to be possesed by Satan :evil: -a small 3.0 or 3.5 earthquake began shaking the bed ( and everything else). It's the nearest I've come to literally crapping my shorts!

    Runner-ups: Romero's dead series & the original Haunting.
  3. geekcccp

    geekcccp Guest

    The original Carnival of Souls still creeps me out. I think about it every time I hear any sort of organ music
  4. etale

    etale Guest

    Most of CARNIVAL OF SOULS was filmed here in Lawrence, KS.
  5. 'day of the triffids' makes me feel physically sick, alot of stuff filmed in england gets me shitted cos if just feels so much more real.
  6. etale

    etale Guest

    Which version of DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS? I prefer the BBC version, which is a lot closer to the novel.
  7. etale

    etale Guest

    The writer of 28 DAYS LATER admits to being inspired by DAY OF TEH TRIFFIDS for his opening.
  8. oxbaker

    oxbaker Guest

    My vote goes to Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. I haven't seen it in years but it scared the shit out of me several times as a kid. I hear they're doing a remake of it - I hope they don't ruin it.
  9. etale

    etale Guest

    Same here. It's been awhile but I have fond memories of it as well.
  10. for me it definitely is Pet Sematary....

    saw that way too early uncut (was 13 something i guess) and it creeped the hell out of me, and still does.

    damn I HATE this "uh-oh" that small boy does....
  11. etale

    etale Guest

    The end of SE7EN was even more frightening because we DON'T see what is in the box.
  12. slinker

    slinker Un-Holy Force.

    Aug 8, 2001
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    Blair Witch Project for me, im sorry if you must disagree but this is truly the only movie that has sent a shiver up my spine whilst watching...its the good old fear of the unknown and being stalked by an unseen assssin. Also The Wicker Man kinda freaks me out...religion is kinda scary! especially when kids are brought up (brainwashed!) in it.
  13. waking up in a hospital ... no one around ... not a clue whats going on ... world appears to be trashed ... deserted ... the whole fucking scene where hes walking along the desolate bridge with either the houses of parliment or big ben behind him (i forget which)...

    I think it was more then the opening for 28 days later that was inspired by day of the triffids!
  14. Katatonia

    Katatonia Hellbound Heart

    Jun 12, 2003
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    Scariest movies personally? Thes are a few that come to mind right off:

    Hellraiser 1 & 2
    The Changeling
    The Sentinel
    The Entity
    The Shining

    .....I'm sure there are more that don't come readily to mind right now.
  15. RyanPC

    RyanPC Guest

    You know, I just got done watching The Burning Bed on TV, and while not literally a horror film, it's films like this and The Tracy Thurman Story that really creep me out. I would say both of those are the scariest movies I've ever seen-- because they're real.
  16. riverzombie

    riverzombie Guest

    for me it was tcm killdozer hallween when i was a kid
  17. Movie Baron

    Movie Baron Guest

    Still shitting my pants over The Exorcist - I doubt if this movie will ever be matched for sheer horror and disturbing content. Other contenders might be:

    Grizzly - where the bear bursts into the hut (hey, I was 14 at the time!)
    Jaws - where the head appears in the hole in the boat
    Misery - where Kathy Bates is revealed by the lighting in the bedroom
  18. janmi

    janmi Guest

    I'm not so sure about this... Have you seen Mulholland Drive by David Lynch? It has some horror, and this movie left me disturbed for about a week after I saw it!! It's a real masterpiece, DO NOT MISS IT!

    And The Ring has more horror than Exorcist, in my opinion. And try The Eye too.
  19. PMcG_6

    PMcG_6 Guest

    I don't really get "scared" but a few movies really creeped me out:

    Blair Witch Project
    The Ring
    The Exorcist
    Fire In the Sky (I was young and watched it alone at like 2am)
  20. moogong

    moogong Arte Suave

    Oct 18, 2001
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    From childhood:

    TCM 1 & 2
    Return of the Living Dead
    The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

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