Scream Factory's Army of Darkness specs

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 11, 2015.

By Dave on Sep 11, 2015 at 8:23 PM
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    Scream has announced the specs to their blu-ray edition of Sam Raimi's third entry in the Evil Dead series, Army of Darkness. Here's the dirt straight from their Facebook page along with a couple of questions and answers that they posted:

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 11, 2015.

    1. Katatonia
      Yeah, I'm not waiting around...and especially at the $17.97 price right now. I seriously doubt it will be lower than that anytime soon, anywhere. I'll do the replacement whenever it's available, no big deal.

      But, just remember it was Anchor Bay who handled and shipped out (and bungled the artwork) the Halloween 4 replacement, not Shout Factory directly.
    2. Shannafey
    3. othervoice1
      I think it is the weakest of the three screenshots - International looks the best. The Screwhead edition is just lighter which might be a bit deceptive with screenshots. But there is better detail and film like quality in the other two- although the theatrical version does look a little wonky in a couple of those screenshots. I can guarantee when I stick it on my big screen in THX mode the international cut is just going to stand out that much more. I haven't had a chance to watch my copy yet though. It is too bad the theatrical cut did not get a new 4k transfer.
      Last edited: Oct 25, 2015
    4. vampyr789
      I absolutely need to buy this.
    5. baggio
      Here's a question. I never had to replace a disc before. So when people here say it's real easy, can you provide some details. Like, you have to mail back the old one or they just send out a new one? Is it done all online?
    6. MorallySound
      Depends on what their rules for disc replacement via Shout are, if and when that happens as there doesn't seem to be a program in place for the SF Army of Darkness Blu-ray yet. But in previous instances that I've dealt with, for Blue Underground's Blind Dead set I had to mail my original discs to them and then they mailed the replacement discs back - so that took approximately 3 to 4 weeks in total. Or if they go the route of Criterion, like with Eraserhead, all I had to do was email them a photo of my Blu-ray and proof of purchase and they mailed me the corrected disc, and I got to keep the first pressing disc as well.
    7. baggio
      Oh ok. So it can be different according to the company. I was thinking you just fill out a form and put in your receipt # code, whatever.
    8. Workshed
      Getting really difficult to RESIST THIS.
    9. shithead
    10. buck135
    11. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
      Lol, in general I don't often notice these small things either and am surprised when people pick them up so quickly. I will say that when I first saw the US cut of Nightmare on Elm Street I definitely noticed the blood splat missing when Tina is dropped on the bed as I'd grown up with the uncut vhs in Australia.
      Not sure I've noticed small things like this for other films though.
    12. buck135
      We never had that version of ANOES in the U.S. I grew up watching the film on regular TV, so that entire scene was rather truncated. I feel bad for Scream/Shout. They are in a lose/lose situation with this release, which is amazing with the exception of a few missing seconds of footage.
    13. shithead

      Scream Factory-
      "Thank you. This is recent news to us and we are looking into but there is no guarantee that a replacement program will be put into effect for that version. This is the film element that was provided us from MGM to do our 4K scan.

      Please contact our customer service dept if you have further questions at"

      It's only what, 2 frames? So if they don't do a sweat off my sack.
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    14. baggio
      Yeah, it only takes one person to notice a fault. They post it on some site, then everybody knows about it. Otherwise barely anybody would notice. Especially 2 frames.
    15. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
      @buck135 & baggio, if I were a die hard fan I'd be pretty disappointed to see anything missing from a film I love. I don't know how this stuff happens in the first place but it sounds like it'd be cheaper to find some die hard fans to show the prints to before hand to try and avoid this sort of thing.
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    16. othervoice1
      Missing two frames is a bit overboard though- how the hell did they even notice that? Now the issue with the theatrical version I can understand and needs a replacement disc- so on the other side of it how do you not notice that from the company standpoint?
    17. Workshed
      If I'm purchasing a blu-ray, the assumption is that it's the full film, unless otherwise noted. I get that it's "only a few seconds," but it's not the complete film without them. Sure, mistakes happen, and Scream Factory sounds like they are doing what they can to remedy--but still, releasing a movie with scenes or moments missing is a big error. I don't fault fans for noticing and calling attention to this/these.
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    18. othervoice1
      Aren't there 24 frames in a second though? Or are we not really talking about frames but something else?
    19. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
      From the example shown it looked like two brief shots so I'm not sure.
    20. buck135
      I still can't imagine any film that I've seen in which I could notice two small shots not being present. I'm all for the preservation of films in their entirety, but there are four different versions of this film. Scream used what they were given and are looking into a way to remedy the situation. Either way, people are holding off buying this otherwise amazing blu-ray until these issues are corrected. The cost to fix, repress, send and replace must be brutal.

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