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    I'm searching for theatrical trailers for the following movies for a project I'm working on. Can anybody help?

    I'm searching for the original theatrical trailers, or at least original 1980s video promo trailers.

    Perhaps some of them appeared on old 1980s video releases? Any quality is better than nothing at this stage.

    Black Room (Elly Kenner & Norman Thaddeus Vane, 1981)
    Blood Lust (Marijan Vajda, 1976) - aka Mosquito der Schände
    Blood Song (Alan J. Levi, 1974) - aka The Hunters / Dream Slayer
    Christmas Evil (Lewis Jackson, 1980) - aka You Better Watch Out / Terror in Toyland
    Graduation Day (Herb Freed, 1981)
    Headless Eyes (Kent Bateman, 1971)
    Home Sweet Home (Nettie Pena, 1980)
    Honeymoon Horror (Harry Preston, 1982) - aka Texas Honeymoon Horror
    Love Butcher, The (Mikel Angel & Don Jones, 1975)
    Pigs (Marc Lawrence, 1972) - aka The Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart / Horror Farm / Daddy’s Deadly Darling

    And these:

    Angel of Vengeance (Ted V. Mikels, 1987)
    Caged Women (Leandro Lucchetti, 1991)
    Hidden Rage (Shuki Levy, 1988) - aka Perfect Victims
    Possession Until Death Do You Part (Lloyd A. Simandl & Michael Mazo, 1987)

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