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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by zombi3, Jan 27, 2002.

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    Vestron released Violence In A Women's Prison in the US under the title Caged Women, you may be more familiar with it under that title.
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    I actualy have the vestron tape but its damaged about 20 mins into the film(damn ex rentals):mad:
  3. Hey, I just finally got a copy of Hitcher in the Dark last week (from a buddy). I'll let you know.
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    will After Death go by Zombie 4 also on the cover art?
  5. blaster

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    Not sure

    I have no idea yet but will probably use both names since Zombie carries alot of retail value and I really like the name After Death.

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    thats great! I am realy looking forward to getting all these dvds Afterdeath is very entertaining,the theme song and soundtrack rocks too![​IMG]
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    Shit Creek
    Did you know the soundtrack for Afterdeath was composed by that Al Festa guy who directed Fatal Frames?
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    ..yep! [​IMG][​IMG]
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    THE OGRE? Brilliant! This is one I thought would be completely forgotten. well done SS! I'll be watching your company very closely from now on! I really enjoyed this film. Yes, it's lame in certain ways, but very good in others. The music is excellent, and I recommend an ITALIAN SHOCK style music track as an extra for this.

    Tell you what I'd like: A complete BLIND DEAD series. AB still have the rigths to the first 2, despite deleting the double bill, but how about you guys picking up 3 & 4. Beware though, there's numerous tampered versions of these films. And how about Vincent Price's excellent spoof BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH, from England?
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    opps, nearly forgot to ask, What ratio are you releasing THE OGRE in? I'm in the belief that it was made for TV, so I assume it'll be OAR 4:3. If you must do a matted WS print to please the Home Theatre Forum types who're convinced that everything's widescreen, please include the OAR on the disk too! I'm fed up of wrongfully matted releases.
  11. I seem to remember a bit of acrimony between dario Argento & Lamberto Bava - who was originally slated to direct La Chiesa.
    When Michele Soavi was handed the directorial duties, and the script was re-written, Lamberto decided to direct his own Demons 3 - because the title of the original script had been changed. Michele Soavi didn't want to direct another 'Demons' - probably because he was big news after StageFright / Bloody Bird, and didn't really want to be picking up the pieces of Demons 2.

    There's even a village idiot character in The Ogre, called Dario!
  12. Well, I watched my Hitcher in the Dark bootleg...

    You know how you drive around in a camper trying to find girls who look like your Russian mother so you can drug them and capture them and eventyually kill them becasue you suffer from abandonment issues and a bad case of premature ejaculation?... Well, then this is the movie for you.

    Thats basically it- The victim is Josie Bisset, who is quite good (and naked), or at least as good as you can be with the crappy script. The guy looks like Bobby Brady all grown up and is not very intimidating, they should have gotten David Hess circa 1975. Her boyfriend is some bleach blond stud driving around in a gay Sazuki Sidekick (before they weere pulled off the market) combing all of Florida for the camper... Its really cheesball, but there is certianly far worse.

    Did I mention it was made in Florida? I think the Italian b-movie community must have struck a deal with Florida in the late 80's because it seems like all their direcors, in this case Umberto Lenzi , flocked there to make lackluster horror and cop movies.
  13. blaster

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    strange story....

    Well this film has a long story for Shriek Show since we were suppose to pick it up earlier.

    I thought it was an off beat film but than Fangoria (???) rated it as one of the big hidden great euro-horror films.

    We also have watched the screener so many times in the office we started to give the main killer, the name "kinky boy" and start to call guys in the office that.

    Also those airforce glasses with the mopeds, watching it was such a trip back in time for me.

  14. Fart Lighter

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    er.....Blaster, any info on this? PLease?
  15. blaster

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    With the llicensor we always make sure we can get an anamorphic transfer and unless I get bad news that is what it should be.
  16. To blaster about "Hitcher in Dark"- Yeah, the glasses and neon colored clothing really took me back too. Found myself focusing more on that than the dialogue... It is too funny that Fangoria had it on a "precious unreleased gem" list. Boggles the mind. Also, I forgot to mention Lenzi used my favorite of his pseudonym's "Humbert Humphrey"
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    Re: Answer

    so it's not going to be OAR, it's matted? Damn. This won't do it well in the minds of those who're fimilar with it being a TV movie. If you're going to a matted print, please ensure you include the 4:3 OAR as well. For me, there'll be no reason to upgrade from my VHS if it's in it's incorrect ratio.
  18. blaster

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    Thanks for the advice

    Thanks for the advice if it is matted I will include the original 4:3. That is not the info I got from the producers.
  19. . . . . still waitin' for news about Lizard In A Woman's Sin!;)

  20. Skin - even!

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