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    Seems like the UK version which will be out in January will be the one to get. Just hope they don't cut it...
  3. AlkanFan

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    I say that we complain and avoid the temptation of purchasing it now.... maybe they'll pull a Willy Wonka (probably not, though).
  4. bigfreak

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    The Canadian listing (at says widescreen, but no mention of 16:9. We'll see...
  5. AlkanFan

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    After perusing their site, there's no EMail address to be found! If anybody knows of one, could they please post it?
  6. skinnypuppy6

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    full screen. WTF are they morons or what?
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    Nov 23, 2001
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    Pittsburgh, PA in the USA
    Artisan Entertainment DVD of NON HO SONNO (aka SLEEPLESS)

    Hello :)

    I've been concerned recently with the aspect ratio of NON HO SONNO. For more information you might want to see the thread "MEDUSA DVDs in 16x9 all wrong?" which is here at under the Euro Horror Forum.

    Anyway, I was checking some web sites out and found the following images on the website:



    Unfortunately as you can see from the image of the back side of the DVD cover Artisan has decided to release the movie FULL SCREEN and NOT in WIDESCREEN.

    A sad day for Euro Horror and Dario Argneto fans alike!

    - JC "FulciZombieFan"

    For a look at the aspect ratio of the Italian MEDUSA DVD release of NON HO SONNO see my web page at:
  8. AlkanFan

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    I take it that nobody knows how to contact Artisan?

    This fullscreen move doesn't even make sense. I can't think of any other major companies that would even consider doing this. If we knew a way to contact them, perhaps we could let them know their error before it's too late (though I suppose it's probably too late now).
  9. Andrew

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    There is no excuse for this.

    Willy Wonka is a FAMILY FILM marketed towards FAMILIES. Most families don't like Widescreen, so I can see their thinking behind releasing pan and scan.

    However, how many FAMILIES or people stupid enough to think the black bars "cover up the picture" are going to buy NON HO FUCKING SONNO! NONE!!! This is a film for ARGENTO FANS who know how movies are supposed to look like! This is the one new movie all year I've been waiting to see. And now I have to see a fucking pan and scan version. All because of Artisan!

  10. ephilman

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    don't poke the badger

    Ummm, isn't the WONKA widescreen simply matted? I thought that I read it was shot fullscreen.

    I do agree that I'll be cancelling my pre-order. Darn-it!
  11. Andrew

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    Shut up! :D ;) LOL

    You killed my thunder.

    Bastard :p :D
  12. killit

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    Sep 10, 2001
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    Canceled Sleepless

    and went ahead and got a cheapy region free players, hopefully I'll like it. I ordered the Italian Nonhosonno from diabolik along with Intruder and the uncut Convent dvd (fuck the US release, it's cut and bare bones ), hopefully they will be cool. I had the Sampo player and it was a total nightmare.
  13. K'

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    Did you know that your region free player must also be able to convert pal to ntsc? Otherwise you won't see anything usefull on your TV.
  14. nimereht

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    "I had the Sampo player and it was a total nightmare."


    i just ordered one of those sampo 611 all region players...what was wrong with yours? i hope it works...especially with this sleepless news...
  15. killit

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    Sep 10, 2001
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    Thanks for the concern K', yeah, it has a pal to ntsc converter in the unit.

    The Sampo was a nightmare because, unlike, probably most of you, I was totally unaware that the image would be so stretched, because the sampo can't convert pal and down convert to letterbox at the same time (old news now, but at the time it was devastating). My sampo did not ship with any region or macrov features, it was region 1 only and macro was on, I had to have a friend make me a cdr off the net mail it to me and flash it myself. After that this horrible buzzing noise started coming from the player, getting worse and worse as time progressed, it was loud and horrible. Got on the net and found alot of other people had this same problem, we were all told to cut off the third prong on the outlet cord or snip the ground wire inside the machine, WHY does this fucking thing have a groung wire, it's not a turntable! Anyway snapped off the ground wire, put it back together and it's still buzzing. The video quality also was not good and flickery drop outs occured about 7 percent of the time. I sincerely hope, yours is picture perfect and I hope my new player will be too. I would'nt wish my past experiences on anyone.

    btw K' in Germany, are a lot of your your region free players made in China, like the ones in the US?
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  16. K'

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    Yamakawa, Red Star, Digi Channel... those cheap out-of-the-box region free players have all kinds of weird names around here, but most of the time it is the exact same electronic garbage from china just with a diffrent name on it.

    I'm happy that it is really easy to get modded Pioneer, Denon and Sony players around here. I never had problems with my pioneer dv-535.
  17. Matt_Stevens

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    Definitive word on Region Free players and PAL

    Folks, the only players that can convert PAL to NTSC properly are the ones with the MEDIAMATICS chipset. ANY others will result in an image that is stretched or squished, be it Sampo, or Raite, or Apex, or BBK, or Digitron or anything else. In 4:3 ltbx or 16X9 mode. Period. :(

    There are some newer JVC players that have the mediamatics chip, but there are problems in modding them to be region free.

    The only player out there proven to do the job is the MALATA N996. I have had one for many months now and love it. The conversion is not only proper, it looks fantastic. You would never know you were looking at a converted picture.

    There are some issues: PHANTOM MENACE's subtitles do not work and some STARGATE SG1 episodes crash. But Malata Canada is working on a fix (they have a firmware that fixes the crashing, but have not licked the subtitles yet).

    That being said, the N996 is the only player I can recommend for region free playback of PAL DVD's and I have seen them all. It being 480p as well is a huge bonus. It delivers an outstanding picture on my 47" HDTV.

    Just beware, the MALATA 900R cannot, I repeat, CANNOT convert PAL properly. Some retailers are claiming it can, but they are full of sh*t.

    As for ARTISAN, they recently released a 13 year old analog cropped transfer of THE SICILIAN on DVD, so I put nothing past them. But many of their DVD specs are incorrect, so we need to actually see the DVD playing to know for sure.
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  18. I don't know if this will help, but...

    I found this website, and it lists several DVD websites and e-mail addresses. The e-mail address for Artisan Entertainment is under the companies name, so if anyone feels like e-mailing them about this DVD I assume that is the address to send it.
  19. Matt_Stevens

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    From HTF: "a guy over at DVDmaniacs got an early copy, and sure enough its ****ing full frame."
  20. Chucky P

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    I was thinking about getting this tittle until now.

    I am not a big Argento fan but I have enjoyed his films that I have seen (Deep Red, Suspiria, Inferno) and I was looking forward to this one. :mad:

    Artisan has a weird record. They release stuff like the Twin Peaks set and the T2 Ultimate Edition and then they release stuff like this!

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