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Discussion in 'General' started by DayoftheRhodes, Dec 27, 2000.

  1. Well, as I begin to get money from christmas, I'm gonna go out on the DVD hunt. So far this christmas I've added a few to my collection: Jaws Anniversary Edition (awesome transfer), Evil Dead II THX(great all around), and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter(I'm a fan of the series, I like it, nuff said) Anyways, I was wondering if certain DVD's have chances of being re-issued later with more extras and the like. Here are a few I would like feedback on just to be sure:

    The Evil Dead - I heard Anchor Bay was doing a special edition. is this confirmed? and if it is does anyone have any dates to throw at me?

    Army of Darkness - I KNOW the 2 disc set rocks, but because of the amazingly high ebay prices to obtain this, I want to make absolutely sure this is the best release and the last

    Jaws: The Revenge - Yeah, I like this movie so what of it? hehe. Anyways, I know goodtimes has the rights to this but is this probaly the final release of the film on DVD, and also for anyone that has this already, is it good? and how's the transfer?

    Give me some feedback.

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    How could you top the 2 disc set Anchor Bay put out of Army of Darkness? I would say it is the definitive version.

    If you look back through some past posts, you'll find out that you can still get something very similar to the 2 disc set.
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    Evil Dead SE from Anchor Bay is set for Late 2001.

    No new Army of Darkness, but if you buy the Director's Cut DVD and the regular Anchor Bay DVD you get the same two discs (different art)

    Jaws the Revenge i imagine will be re-released when universal releases Jaws 3-D...whenever that is. has reported in the past though that we will get an SE of Jaws 2 in the summer of 2001 and its supposed to be packed with features.

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    I'd actually hold off on the Friday the 13th discs. Personally, I am unhappy with the treatment. Otherwise, there has been some discussion by Paramount for the unrated trasnsfers, if they can be located, and a box set is possible. I am going to wait and see.

    Goodtimes hasn't released any of their other films back to their original holders yet, so I don't forsee it happening anytime soon. Who knows how long their contract is. I wouldn't be surprised if they just outright bought the copyright completely. That would explane a few things. If their Jaws 4 transfer is good, I would go ahead and get it. It was a disaster at the boxoffice so I seriously doubt that it will get any kind of special treatment in the future.

    Speeking of Goodtimes, does anyone know if these discs are worthy of DVD?
    Psycho 2
    Psycho 3
    Is part 4 even available?



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    David, I was tempted to get the Psycho 2/3 pack at Sam's Club the other day. It's on sale for $14.99! That's where I got the Halloween 2/3 pack from. Goodtimes did a good job with the transfers for the Halloweens. Maybe the transfers for the Psychos are just as good.

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    Psycho 2 is pan & scam ONLY! beware
  7. landrvr

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    i thought Psycho II was a highly underrated film that really deserves to be presented in it's original aspect ratio; if not a full-blown special edition.

    Psycho III is tolerable.

    Psycho IV is noteworthy in that it features, if i remember correctly, a couple of nice shots of Olivia Hussey's breasts. huge and lovely they are... how about a special feature on that DVD: "Olivia Hussey's Breasts"; with multiple angle option and a brief bio? yeah.

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