Spirited Away is gaining steam!!!

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    Spirited Away was the only animated film that was done by hand. All the others were computer generated and mass produced. Miyazaki goes through every frame himself making corrections by hand. That's taking pride in your work. If you have a mulitregion player you can get the disc from Japan, all of his movies have been released with English subtitles. He's also very anti war which was the reason he did not attend the oscars.
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    Nothing personal Deaddevilman, but you're 0-for-2

    Spirited Away DOES use computer animation, albeit quite sparingly.

    And while I wouldn't doubt that Miyazaki is anti-war (it's pretty obvious from his films that he's pro-environment), but he's also working on his next film, and that's the supposed reason he didn't attend the Oscars.
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    Paff, none taken. I have the advantage of living in Japan and working here in the entertainment industry for 14 years. It is true that the Studio Ghibli official English press release is "he was busy with other projects". However Miyazaki has stated in numerous Japanese publications that his anti-war stance and his concern for security were his reasons for not attending the ceremony. Yes, he is unfortunately pro-environment but that is also toned down in the dialogue translation of the US releases. You can also see his strong anti-war statements in Nausicaa and Mononoke Hime.

    As far as the computer animation goes... Miyazaki completed the entire film by hand. There were several small corrections completed by computer. Whether or not these were initiated by Disney is still being discussed in the Japanese animation community.

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