Suspiria Available for Preorder

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by napalm68, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. napalm68

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    Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CD-Now all have Suspiria up for preorder now. Only the single disc version it seems, but B&N has a UPC code for it that seems to match AB UPC codes, so it may be for real. Nothing about it on the AB site though, But of course, AB site would be the last one to know...
  2. napalm68

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    Whoops, being a smart ass, I decided to decode the UPC and looking at other AB links to titles, and made up what I suspected would be the one for Suspiria. Bingo. A June 26 release date...
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    Ah, damn it, there are a few of those I'll have to be getting... :(
  5. I really hope the films don't use those ugly colors...i.e. Suspiria and the horrid looking "Dario Argento's"...
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    Damnit! Late 2001? Son of a bitch, I can't wait that long, I want the DVD now!

    But since the DVD has DTS-ES, I can wait. :D

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