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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Wooly, Jan 5, 2001.

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    You can say what you like about the BBFC but I think that British censors are a lot more logical than US censors. US censors cut explicit sex but leave violence alone. Its the reverse in the UK.

    If I had a choice I would prefer that violence was cut. Us horror fans can get our uncut versions through bootlegs or Anchor Bay.

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    I prefer the Australian Censors, actually. Unless it involves exploititive sexual abuse, they pretty much leave it alone (unless pressured by political parties to appease someone with a balance of power).

    The BBFC is much worse than the US - at least in the US, if they don't like it, they release it unrated. The business of censoring headbutting, nunchuckas, etc, by the BBFC is just stupid beyond belief.

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    You prefer the UK censors?

    Redowl, sorry if I sound a bit rude (not my intention) but what kind of horror fan are you who say that you preffer one censor from another? (And don't get this a bad way, we are just having an arguement, right?)

    Yes, in the US things are much better, but even there the big studios are forcing directors to provide R-rated final cuts. So there is censorship there after all.

    But the BBFC.... They should all be hanged! It is the most illogical thing, the most naive concept to think that eliminating violence and sex from a film will "protect" us.

    From a bunch of idiots I prefer none of them.
    That's why I do not understand your statement on which censor you prefer.

    Any form of censorship is unjust and should be eliminated.
  4. I'm with Chaostar!
    How the hell can you say you prefer the violence to be cut? That sounds rather strange on this forum. Are you a BBFC advocate? I mean, that's just silly. 80% of horror films are about violence. What films are you watching? I am not being hostile toward you at all, just speaking my opnion, but you have to be joking. censoring is ok? I can't follow you friend. it's not like we watch live acts of murder or rape.

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