Taste the Blood of Dracula Question

Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Feb 26, 2001.

  1. I have a video copy of the uncut version of this film and was curious, does anyone know how many minutes were trimmed for the video release here in the US?
  2. Diamondhead

    Diamondhead Guest

    I've never seen the uncut version of this one. I know there is some additional bordello scenes, because the US credits list a snake girl, but she doesn't appear in the WB version...
  3. carl.kolchak

    carl.kolchak Guest

    Did anyone see Madeline Smith in the bordello scenes? It's been a while since I've seen this movie and I can't remember her being in the version I saw, but I read she's in there.
  4. She is in the bordello scene and in the film she's credited as, Maddy Smith.
  5. carl.kolchak

    carl.kolchak Guest

    Thanks HF, I'll pay closer attention to this scene next time. :) Hopefully I'll get to see the uncut version someday :D

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