Terminator: Dark Fate (2019, Tim Miller) non spoiler Review

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    After years of a mish-mash of different styled sequels to Jim Cameron's initial two Terminator films, Cameron returns to the franchise as Producer and with a story credit for this entry which ignores all other sequels to become a direct sequel to the first two films.
    Right off the bat this is the best of the post T2 films but that is damning with faint praise. We basically have a soled enough second tier blockbuster that serves as somewhat of a soft reboot for the series.
    The Structure of the story and pacing are on point but not unlike a lot of studio films that are waving their hands furiously to say how diverse they are this one does a bit of hand waving rather than following that naturally diverse suit of the previous Cameron films and just being a good story with strong female leads. It is not as bad many other transparent attempts in films of the last few years but it does have a few cringe moments.
    It is also funny that the films action can't look as good as films from 30 years ago. There is too much editing and computer effects in the set pieces, but again.. not as much as many other films of the last few years.
    Other than those minor quibbles it is a fun enough film and a distant third in the franchise that has set itself up for more needless sequels.

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