The Devil Rides Out Question.....

Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. Does anyone know why Patrick Allen dubbed the voice of Leon Greene (Rex) in this film? :confused:
  2. carl.kolchak

    carl.kolchak Guest

    That's a good question HF, this is one of my favorite dvds. I seem to remember Chris Lee mentioning this on the dvd commentary but I can't remember what he said, if I can I'll watch it again this weekend. :) I do remember being suprised in hearing he was dubbed, I thought he did a great job.
  3. Hey CK, I was informed by more than one person, the reason for Greene's voice being dubbed by Patrick Allen was....his attempt at sounding American wasn't working! :eek: Now, I know I have to get these Hammer discs, if I'd had that and could have listened to the commentary, I'd have known the answer! ;)
  4. carl.kolchak

    carl.kolchak Guest

    Blimey, an American? I thought he sounded like a Brit! Turns out they dubbed an Aussie with a Brit trying to sound like a Yank. :) HF, you must buy this dvd, the transfer is incredible!!! :D
  5. CK, you're ripping my heart out! ;) I know, I must really get all the remaining Hammer discs I need, if I don't get them before the new wave comes out, I'll never catch up!

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