The Giant Leeches (Remake/Reimagining/Update)

Discussion in 'General' started by Agent Z, Mar 22, 2007.

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    The latest "r" word news comes from Fango:

    March 21: BONESETTER director resurrects GIANT LEECHES

    Brett Kelly, the Canadian director of the BONESETTER movies, MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND and the recently wrapped creature feature PREY FOR THE BEAST, gave Fango the scoop that he’s joining the remake brigade for his next project. He’s currently in preproduction on THE GIANT LEECHES, an update of the 1959 Roger Corman production a.k.a. ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES, which was scripted by Jeff O’Brien, whose credits include PREY and the giant-bug flick INSECTICIDAL. “I got a taste of creature features with PREY FOR THE BEAST,” Kelly tells Fango, and I’m looking forward to reteaming with Jeff for some bloodsucking fun! This movie promises to be a sexy, gory romp that will tip its hat to the movies of the ’50s and ’60s, but still provide scares for modern audiences.”

    GIANT LEECHES will roll this summer, once Kelly has finished up production on his current project PIRATES OF SNAKE ISLAND. Says O’Brien, “Brett currently has KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE and PREY in post and PIRATES in prep, so he had some time on his hands, and it was the right moment to start another project. This will be the second old-school monster movie I’ve written for Brett, and it’s really refreshing to work on: a simple story with fun characters, much like the old drive-in films of the ’50s—sexed up, gored up and maybe a little camped up, of course.” He adds, “Leeches are disgusting and big leeches are even more disgusting, so there will be no shortage of blood-bloated nasties in this one.”

    Tempe Video will release KINGDOM later this year, and Kelly is currently in talks with several distributors regarding PREY; you can read more about the latter movie here. —Michael Gingold

    "Update"? Like The Giant Leeches 2.0 update downloaded into your cheese bin?

    You can read about the original here.
  2. Luna

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    Wow, I smell plenty of Sci-Fi Channel airings in the future. :D
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    Oh! Cheddar!
  4. Luna

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    Indeed. Perhaps even Gorgonzola. :lol:
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    Probably one of the few remakes which no matter how badly they do it'll still be better than the original. This and The Creeping Terror.

    But considering the fact that it's just guys in garbage bags was the film's biggest drawing power I wonder what they can possibly do to out do it.

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