"The Lift" and/or "Down"

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by FlatlineWatcher, Oct 25, 2001.

  1. I am sure that I am the only one out there that is prolly curious about this, but I wanted to know if there were any USA plans to release either "The Lift" or "Down" on DVD. I've already seen "The Lift" and thought it was so stupid, that it was histerical, and while I haven't seen down, all I can expect is kinda the same, you know? :D

    If anyone out there has any information about either title, please email me directly at xanfan@technology21.com with that info. :)

    Kris "The Flatline Watcher"
  2. The Lift

    For God's sake, take the stairs!
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    Der Lift

    The original version (not the dubbed one) is good. I like this movie. You know, it won the 1st prize at Avoriaz Fantastique Film Festival that year. Dick Maas also made two great films afterwards.

    Amsterdamned and Do Not Disturb with William Hurt. He is a good director in my book. And I am very happy to own the cd soundtrack of Der Lift, composed by him.
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    Re: The Lift

    Hahahaha, that is awesome :) :)

    I have only seen the trailor for the original. I want to see it so bad.

    Is it out on DVD anywhere or just VHS?

    I think it is getting remade. I don't know why.

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