THE MUMMY cover art

Discussion in 'Classic' started by carl.kolchak, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. carl.kolchak

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    looks good to me :cool:
  2. Andrew

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    Hells yes!!!! :D My favorite Hammer flick!!!!!

    It is NTSC region 1, right?

    How much is it goin' for?
  3. Yowie

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Where's Cushing ?. I don't think it's that good a cover, they should've used another picture, but I guess it'll do. Can't wait to see the bloody thing in widescreen. I'm sure it'll be a treat. This is afterall the best Mummy movie ever made, and Hammer at their best.
  4. jae

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    Looks good.. I agree that this is the best Mummy movie and I've never even seen it.. :) The Universal original puts me to sleep (worse than Dracula) and I find the short scenes in the trailer to Hammers Mummy more exciting than all of Universal's movie. Hand and Tomb are better though. Looking forward to this one.

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