To refund or not to refund.

Discussion in 'Reader Polls' started by Demon Tech, Nov 8, 2001.


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  1. Demon Tech

    Demon Tech Guest

    I bought a Demons 2 Coll ED tape new. Watched it and then sold it after I got it on DVD. The buyer wants a refund saying it is not "like new" and that it is a very poor copy. Even though it is in the very same condition I bought it in. Mint. So should I refund or let take care of it?
  2. moogong

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    Oct 18, 2001
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    if it was in "like new" condition then dont refund it....
  3. Don't Refund Demon Tech! Maybe they just got a DVD player & are lookin' to make the $$$ back from their VHS purchase!

    MISFITZ Guest

    If you got a "NEW" tape, meaning it was still in its original shrink wrap and NEVER watched, and then played it one time, and turned around and sold it, it is and should still be considered, "LIKE NEW".

    If you bought it with the box being faded/wrinkled/ or slightly torn, then it should have never been considered, NEW.

    If it was "NEW" and they are bitchin' that's too bad. Buyer had a chance to e-mail questions, knows everything on is used, and if anything can probably still turn around and sell it.

    I wouldn't refund.
  5. Demon Tech

    Demon Tech Guest

    Well I have sold 8 items so far and I only have 1 rating and that is from the complainer. She rated me a 1/5 and on the text part she said It was a great tape, smooth transaction A++++++

    MISFITZ Guest

    Awww man!!

    What a bitch!

    That sucks! Man, I look at ratings too! But if I read that, I'd be like...???

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