Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by Luna, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Luna

    Luna Guest

    Has anyone seen this? It's listed as new on and yes, I loved the Tomie manga and I'm a sucker even though the first movie was pretty shitty, possibly due to the fact that I couldn't not understand the engrish subtitles.

    I hope it's better than the first. I know it's probably worse, but I figured I'd inquire.

  2. Deaddevilman

    Deaddevilman Guest

    It's okay, nothing to rant about. The first movie you say was shitty. Was that actually the first one... it's the one where the guy brings home Tomie's head in a box and later has a lesbo twist to it. That's actually the second, hell maybe even the third.
    I haven't seen the first one outside of Japan.
  3. r_burgos2003

    r_burgos2003 Guest

    Im sure that it's in the same spot as the first on the shit factor. Japanese horror flicks (which the first one basically was) always creep me out because I don't know what the fuck they're saying unless subs. So it's prob. bad since the original actress of Tomie isn't in it.
  4. Deaddevilman

    Deaddevilman Guest

    Any young Japanese girl will do for me.
  5. Luna

    Luna Guest

    Yeah, I figured as much. The first one is the one with her head in a bag on the cover, and all you see is her eye peeking out. The engrish was terrible, so forgive me for not remembering details, but I think at some point he had her hanging around his apartment and his friends were there and um, ohgod, I can't even remember a single thing. :lol:

    It was pretty damn bad. I LOVED the manga too, so I'd hoped it'd be somewhat watchable. I don't remember any lesbo action, so maybe it's another one? It's a distinct possibility that I might have fallen asleep before any such action took place. It's all a huge blur now. :sleepy:

    I own the second one on VCD (Tomie: Reply) but haven't seen it due to lack of subtitles... I might give it a go soon though.

    Btw, found the cover of the first one:

  6. r_burgos2003

    r_burgos2003 Guest

    Bootlegged version of BATTLE ROYALE is worse. I mean they skip ever other sentence...
  7. Deaddevilman

    Deaddevilman Guest

    That's it, then came Tomie: Another Face and then Tomie: Replay and now this new one. Four movies, not bad. To bad they couldn't hold true to the comics/manga. The same guy did the Uzumaki manga which was a much better movie.
  8. Deaddevilman

    Deaddevilman Guest

    I thought the subtitles were spot on. They missed a few lines and tried to throw some slang in, but overall it was about 95% accurate.
  9. Luna

    Luna Guest

    I received the DVD in the mail today. Ok, not entirely true. I had to go to the damn post office to get it 'cause the postman knocked on my door with a feather on Saturday, apparently.

    So yeah, I finally found a review for the movie and I gotta say it looks a lot better than the first one.

    I haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet though, so we'll see!
  10. Deaddevilman

    Deaddevilman Guest

    Get on it girl. I will buy or not buy this based on your comments alone.
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    I hate when they do that! There was this one bastard who would just drop the postcard without even ringing the doorbell. One time I saw him do it, since I was right in front of him standing next to the mail box!!! So I was like where is the package??? Well, I had to go to his little truck with him to get it, he didn't even take it with him when he was making the rounds, what a bastard!

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