Top 10 Deaths from the Friday the 13th series?

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by vampyr789, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. vampyr789

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    heres mine:

    10. Vera - spear fired into eye (Part 3)
    9. Julius - decapitated by punch (Part 8)
    8. Mark - macheted in the face (Part 2)
    7. Eddie - head crushed with a leather strap (Part 5)
    6. Jason - machete to the head, then slides down it (Part 4)
    5. Mrs. Voorhees - decapitated with machete (Part 1)
    4. Andy - macheted in half while walking on hands (Part 3)
    3. Judy - bashed against a tree in her sleeping bag (Part 7)
    2. Adrienne - face frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on counter (Jason X)
    1. Deborah - while having sex, stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike then ripped in half (The Final Friday)

    Honorable Mentions:
    *Marcie - axe to the face (Part 1)
    *Paul - spear to the groin (Part 4)
    *Tina - garden shears in the eyes (Part 5)
    *Sheriff Garris - broken in half (Part 6)
    *Russell - axe to the face (Part 7)
    *Trey - stabbed with machete, folded in half in bed (Fv.J)

    now what are yours?? :D
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  2. Copyboy

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    :lol: I LOVE the way you worded that! Reminds me of when my 9 year old nephew saw I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and was telling me how "the guy's hand fell off."

    I honestly can't come up with 10 as I haven't watched anything past Part 3 in years, but my top favorites are definitely Marcie in 1, Mark in 2 and Andy in 3.
  3. DVD-fanatic-9

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    I guess it goes in basically this order:

    1. Eva - choked on dancefloor, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
    2. Hawes - heart ripped out, Part VI: Jason Lives
    3. Chili - fire poker impalement, Part III
    4. Scott - throat slit with machete, Part II
    5. Eddie - head crushed with leather strap, Part V: A New Beginning
    6. Sissy - head twisting, Part VI: Jason Lives
    7. Shelley - slit throat reveal, Part III
    8. Debbie - machete through the back, Part III
    9. Ethel - cleaver to the face, Part V: A New Beginning
    10. Tamara - offscreen / mirror shard death, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

    Honorable Mentions:
    *Melissa - ax to the face, Part VII: The New Blood
    *Mrs. Voorhees - decapitation, Friday the 13th
    *Annie - throat slitting, Friday the 13th
    *Lana - ax in the torso, Part V: A New Beginning
    *Jack - arrow through neck, Friday the 13th
    *Tina - hedgeclippers in the eyes, Part V: A New Beginning
  4. Cujo108

    Cujo108 Guest

    1 - Jason's demise at the end of The Final Chapter
    2 - Eddie: head crushed with leather strap/ A New Beginning
    3 - Deputy Josh: body melt/ Jason Goes to Hell
    4 - Jimbo: Corkscrew in hand, cleaver to face/ The Final Chapter
    5 - Mark: machete to face, rolls down stairs backwards/ Part 2
    6 - Alice: ice pick to the temple/ Part 2
    7 - Axel: bone saw to throat, head twisted around/ The Final Chapter
    8 - Joey: offered a chocolate bar to the wrong person/ A New Beginning
    9 - Melissa: axe to the head and thrown aside (loved it because I hated her)/ Part VII
    10 - Greaser: road flare to mouth/ A New Beginning

    Other favorites: spear to the eye and the eye-popping head crush from Part 3, Junior's motorbike decap from A New Beginning and the frozen head smash from Jason X.
  5. J.C.

    J.C. Guest

    1.) Adrienne ; Face Frozen and then smashed on table Jason X
    2.) Deborah ; Split in half while having sex Final Friday
    3.) Judy ; Slammed against tree in sleeping bag Part 7: The New Blood
    4.) Trey ; Stabbed with machete and broken in half with the bed Freddy vs. Jason
    5.) Vicky ; Pulled onto spear, and head crushed Final Friday
    6.) Vera ; Shot in the eye with a spear Part 3
    7.) J.J. ; Bashed in the head with guitar Jason Takes Manhattan
    8.) Andy ; Slashed while walking on his hands Part 3
    9.) Jimbo ; Corkscrew in the hand/Hit in the face with cleaver The Final Chapter
    10.) Nikki ; Face smashed into the mirror Part 6: Jason Lives

    Honorable Mentions;
    Maddie ; Killed with a scythe (?) in the barn Part 7: The New Blood
    Sheriff Garris ; Broken in half /Part 6: Jason Lives
    Marcie ; Axe to the face /Original
    Jack ; Knife through the bed and threw the throat /Original
    Tamara ; Killed with piece of glass /Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
    Darren ; Speared and then tossed through the air /Part 6: Jason Lives
    Kia ; Hit with machete and flies up against a tree /Freddy vs. Jason
  6. snowbeast323

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    Rhythm Nation 1814
    1. Mrs Voorhees (who else would be number 1?)
    2. Andy: Pt 3-Cut in Half
    3. Jimmy: Pt 4-Cork Screw in hand and meat cleaver in face
    5. Eddie: Pt 5-Face crushed with leather strap
    6. Alice: Pt 2-Screw driver in head
    7. Marcie: P1-Hatchet in Face
    8. Sissy: Pt 6-Head twisted off
    9. Vicki: Pt 2-Stabbed in gut
    10. Jason: Pt 3-Axe in the head
  7. NaturesMistake

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    Nobody picked the double impalement from part 2?

    Well mine is Steve from Friday the 13th
    Claudette from Friday the 13th
    Claudette's boyfriend from Friday the 13th
    The mom from Final chapter...:D
  8. Cool thread. My personal favories:

    1# Andy - sliced in half in Part 3.
    2# Rick - head crushed untill one eye sqeezed and shot out. Also Part 3.
    3# Jason's own demise in the final chapter (head sort of decapitated, leangth wise).
    4# Tina - Garden sheers through booth eyes and well into her head. Part V
    5# Mark - Machette implanted right across his face & stairwell slide. Part 2
    6# Paul - Shot with a harpoon gun's spear in the crotch, the poor bastard. Part IV.
    7# Vera - spear right in her right eyeball socket and through her head. Part 3 again.
    8# Jeff & Saundra - infamous double impalment. Part 2.
    9# Jason X's head-frozen-in-liquid nitrogen and banged openly against a surface. (which I found about the only thing good in that other wise shit house flick. Glad the new documentary His Name Was Jason didn't waste too much time on that waste of 35mm film)
    10 Pseudo-Jason (Roy Burns): falling into the old timey farm harrow spikes at the end Part V ...
  9. vampyr789

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    Jul 28, 2008
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    PAIN!!! :eek: ouch! i can't believe i forgot that one! the film's most burtal death, still makes me cringe :eek1:
  10. spawningblue

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    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    #1 Deborah Pt.9 - Stabbed in the back and split in half with barb spike while having sex.
    #2 Andy Pt. 3 - Chopped in half while doing a handstand.
    #3 Judy Pt. 7 - Bashed against tree while in sleeping bag.
    #4 Sheriff Garris Pt. 6 - Folded in half.
    #5 Axel Pt. 4 - Neck snapped, throat cut with hacksaw.
    #6 Jimmy Pt. 4 - Corkscrew to the hand, cleaver to the face.
    #7 Rick Pt. 3 - Head squeezed until eye pops out.
    #8 Tina Pt. 5 - Garden shears to the eyes.
    #9 Trey FvJ - Stabbed with machete and snapped in half when bed is folded in.
    #10 Larry, Stan, Katie Pt. 6 - Triple decapitation.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Mark Pt. 2 - Machete to the face, rolls down stairs in wheelchair.
    Eddie Pt. 5 - Head crushed with leather strap.
    Sissy Pt. 6 - Head twisted off.
    Vera Pt. 2 - Spear to the eye.
    Boxer Pt. 8 - Hot coal rock into chest.
    Julius Pt. 8 - Head punched off.
    Doug Pt. 4 -Face crushed with bare hands.
    Nikki Pt. 6 - Face crushed against RV wall.
    Burt Pt. 6 - Arm ripped off, impaled on tree branch.
    Jack Pt. 1 - Spear through throat.
    Jeff and Sandra Pt. 2 - Double Impalement.
    Vinnie Pt. 5 - Flare in the mouth.
    Allen Pt. 6 - Heart ripped out.
    Dr. Crews Pt. 7 - Tree trimmer to the stomach.
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  11. CrazyFatEthel

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    Rowlett, Texas
    1 Jeff and Sandra- Double Implaement
    2 Debbie- Knifed through back of neck
    3 Alexis- Slashed to death with razor blade
    3 Deborah- Split in half during sex
    4 Tina- Thrown out of window onto parked car
    5 Tina- Stabbed in eyes with garden shears
    6 JJ- Bashed in head with guitar
    7 Annie- Throat Slit
    8 Melissa- Face split with axe
    9 Adrianna- Face frozen, then smashed to pieces on counter
    10 Vera- Arrow in eye
  12. Kim Bruun

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    Oct 3, 2008
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    10. Eddie's head crushed with a leather strap - Part 5
    9. - 8. Jeff and Sandra's double impalement - Part 2
    7. Andy's handstand death - Part 3
    6. Jack's death - Part 1
    5. Marcie taking an axe to the face - Part 1
    4. Doug's shower scene - Part 4
    3. Jason's axe-to-the-skull "death" - Part 3
    2. The banana eating hitchhiker's death - Part 4
    1. Mark's death in the wheelchair - Part 2

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