Universal Classic Monsters... going on moratorium?? Can we get a confirm Dave?

Discussion in 'Classic' started by mutleyhyde, Mar 13, 2002.

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    Aug 10, 2000
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    I received The Wolf Man from DV-depot yesterday, hopefully the rest of the movies will drop in today or tomorrow! I baught the whole damn Classical Monsters Box (dv-depot ships each disc separatly).

    just as mutleyhyde wrote.. Now you other guys only have to wait for the re-release announcement! Theres not a chanse in hell that I would be so lucky as to get ahold of this box just in time for it to go OOP for all eternity! I'm betting on better, cheaper and generally cooler releases of these movie in a few days. Thats how things usually turn out for me ;)
  2. Thanks for your information mutleyhyde, last month, I was able to add all these great classics to my collection. Just in time!
  3. mutleyhyde

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    Dec 3, 1999
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    You're welcome Mac! :D
  4. Joel Groce

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    Blew the wad for these "monsters"

    Well I , too, succumbed and bought 7 of the 8 monsters from the original box. I heard not so great stuff about "The Phantom of the Opera" so didn't get this one. I loved the original pic and heard the Claude Rains version couldn't hold a candle to it, "too much opera, not enough phantom" - does anyone have any good points to say about this film. I also really wanted "Dracula's Daughter", but damn I'm way beyond broke, but happy as hell!
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    Just in case anyone can't find these titles, Columbia House stocks all of the original 8 releases (but none of the double features) and, at last check, still had all in stock.

    I know a lot of people hate CH, but it's a good way to pick up all 8 titles for around $90 shipped!

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