Universal Classics Coming Again?

Discussion in 'Classic' started by Damed, Jun 2, 2003.

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    Read this on another board, take it as you will.

    "I was hanging with a VERY good friend from Hollywood last weekend at the Chiller Expo and was given some semi-good info that I figgered I could pass on....
    Seems that Universal WILL be re-releasing the Classic Horror line up again.That's the GOOD news...the Bad news is that they will have all new cover art, (maybe that isn't "bad' news per-say...but wait! It gets worse!), and they will be removing ALL of the extras that made the first batch of releases as good as they were!!
    Bytes don't it? BUT...I also also told that some of the sequels we've been clamouring for WILL be released! IE Revenge of the Creature,Creature Walks Among Us and several others. So to take the good with the bad...The Good is that IF you bought all the original DVD releases....well your in luck cause the sequels are FINALLY going to be released! The Bad is that if you didn't get the original releases with all the goodies,your out of luck! "
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    Well, that's not completely true.

    All the originals are still available in R2 I believe (you can still order them from Black Star). My JVC will convert PAL to NTSC perfectly, so there's absolutely no loss in quality.
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    Right - the R2 releases are out there and are just as good..... almost.....

    Note two flaws:

    1. The R1 Dracula included the Spanish version of the film, the R2 version does not. I managed to get the R1 version.

    2. None of the R2 versions have inserts. All of the R1 releases did - albeit just chapter stop info and a bit of cover art.
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    The r2/4 versions are also missing some of the text only features.

    I don;t get Universal, the extras were great, why remove them? This company really is run by idiots. DOes Tipper Gore own major shares there or something?
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    Can someone tell me just what extras the boxset had? I am curious is all since I wasn't able to get this set.

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