UZUMAKI (Spiral) Coming this summer R1

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by Erg0n, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. kyouki

    kyouki Guest

    Well, the R1 is probably a bit better than that... I had no problem seeing what was going on. It just looked lousy. :/ The contrast is all screwed up.
  2. LJMurder

    LJMurder Guest

    The original region 2 disc from Japan is great but it has no subtitles.

    the chinese release isn't awful but it has the same problems as the region 1 release.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    The R1 looks far better than the R3 from Universe, which is indeed terrible. I didn't think Elite's disc looked bad at all actually, but maybe I was just so happy that the film looked presentable.
  4. Grim

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    I thought the R1 DVD looked fantastic.
  5. kyouki

    kyouki Guest

    I may have to pick up the Japanese disc... I really enjoyed this movie, and would love to see it with a better transfer.

    The R1 disc didn't look too bad until you got to a dark scene. It seemed that because of the greenish tint (again, not bad in and of itself) and the poor contrast the shadows would be greenish. I could turn the brightness down on my TV to get the shadows black, but then the rest of the picture elements would suffer as a result.

    At least it was clear enough to see what was going on. :)

    And again, that soundtrack was awe-inspiring. The opening scene was intense, especially with that music.
  6. pacinofan

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
    So should I stay away from the region 3 Japanesse disc?
  7. Maupin

    Maupin Guest

    The original Japanese disc (region 2, not 3) is clear with a great transfer. Just a pixelly effect whenever spirals are computer-generated in the background of a shot, but that was in the theatrical version as well. I like Uzumaki but feel some of its crazy images are better than the sum of the movie as a whole.
  8. H0MOSareGAY

    H0MOSareGAY Guest

    finally getting a chance to watch it tonight. Hopefully it's good.

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