Versus...On The Big Screen!

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by poorlogic, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. poorlogic

    poorlogic Guest

    I just bought tickets for Versus, it's playing this Friday at a local theater in Chicago! I was wondering if anyone has seen it in a theater before - any different from the DVD?
  2. Hernster

    Hernster Guest

    Do you have a small T.V.?:p
  3. Deaddevilman

    Deaddevilman Guest

    Rumor has it that a new edit including a few reshoots were done for the US DVD version soon to be released. Perhaps this is what you will be seeing? Let us know.
  4. poorlogic

    poorlogic Guest

    Well, it didn't have any new major scenes, it had some new music and better subs - I was awesome seeing it in a theater and the crowd was really into it. The media-baster version should be a real treat once it's released.

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