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Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by ScarredGod, Mar 26, 2003.

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    It looks like there's a fourth.. a tin.

    "As if the recent announcement of not one but THREE different versions of 'Versus' coming the U.S. weren't enough (read it here), KFC Cinema is reporting that it's director, Ryuhei Kitumara, has already begun discussions about an "alternate cut" version and a sequel...

    Legend Films interviewed Kitumara for the forthcoming tin edition of 'Versus' they're putting out, and he revealed he's planning on going back out this summer to do massivly-budgeted re-shoots for the original film. Essentially it will have a new beginning, end, a new showdown and lot more zombie gunfights. The budget for the re-shoots is going to be more than the film itself actually cost. Don't worry, he's not getting all George Lucas on us...he admits that the 'Versus' that's out is the way he intended it to be, but now he just wants to go back and add to because"he loves playing around with that stuff". Which means I'm sure both versions of the film will always be available.

    For the sequel, still just titled 'Versus 2', he's planning on shooting in 2004. He just finished his latest film, 'Azumi', a few weeks ago, and he's still got work to do for the next Metal Gear Solid video game, 'Twin Snakes' for the Gamecube, as well as an English-language project with Miramax might be long than that. No plot details were revealed as of yet, but I'm sure zombies, swordfights, and major gunplay will all be involved."
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    Is Media Blasters' 3 versions of Versus just a distribution for Legend Films? And will MB be distributing the tin when its available?
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    Oh, goddamnit! They had to go and complicate everything for me!
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    So what's the story with this tin? I was ready to preorder the 2 disc SE of this. :mad:
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    Here are the specs of that IMHO incredibly nice tin:

    2-Disc Set in double Amaray case / tin box
    Booklet (32 pages)

    Disc 1:
    Versus - The movie
    Runtime 115 mins (PAL)
    Screen format: 1,85:1 (16:9 anamorphic)
    Sound formats: German DTS 5.1, German DD 5.1, Japanese Dolby Surround 4.0
    Subtitles: German (disengageable)
    Bonus: English audio commentary by director Ryuhei Kitamura and producer Keishiro Shin.

    Disc 2:
    Down To Hell
    51 min. The movie debut of director Ryuhei Kitamura. Language Japanese (DD 2.0), German subtitles (disengageable).

    Down To Hell: Original promotional trailer.

    Deep in the woods: Behind the scenes of Versus
    26 min documentary including interviews with all persons involved, either in German (voice over) or in English/Japanese.

    Birth of the dark hero: The Making of Versus
    25 min making of report, either in German (voice over) or in Japanese.

    7 min spin-off to Versus, tells the story of the two policemen before they start hunting prisoner KSC 2-303. Language Japanese, German subtitles (disengageable).

    Versus and beyond: An interview with Ryuhei Kitamura. Language German (voice over) or Japanese/English.

    In 5 years I'll be perfect...: Interview with actor Hideo Sakaki. Language Japanese/English, German subtitles (disengageable).

    ...and cut!
    12 min interview with editor Shuichi Kakesi. Language Japanese, selectable German voice over.

    Making of-clip: Music video with scenes from the movie.

    TV special: Versus on Viva 2 (a german music tv station).

    Team Versus
    Gag Reel from the production office. Language Japanese, German subtitles (disengageable).

    Versus picture gallery.

    Versus - The Trailers:
    Early conceptual trailer (1999)
    3 japanese trailers and TV spots
    International trailer (English)
    German trailer

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    How much will the tin retail?
  7. 2D4EVER

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    Too much german and not enough english. :O
  8. gorelover

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    Yeah it's a release targeted at the german speaking market. Retail prices range from around 48.-- to over 60.-- EUR (55 to over 69 USD).
    The retailer I ordered from is this one:


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