Videomannen (2018)

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    Videomannen (aka Videoman) is a Swedish film and not exactly Horror per se... but features strong Horror elements integral to the plot. It plays more as a Crime/Thriller/Comedy/Romance mix, it's just difficult to classify it into a single genre.

    I personally loved it. Let's just say if you like the 80's, VHS tape collecting, Lucio Fulci, or Giallo then you'll find a lot to like here. The film has a great look to it, and a suitable 80's synth score by Waveshaper. The film itself is set entirely in the present day, so it's not really a "retro" copy of an 80's era style. An English review of the film can be read here.

    Oh... and Samantha Fox (the buxom 80's pop singer) does a song and shot a music video for the film.

    Has anyone else here seen it? It's only been released thus far as I am aware as a Swedish Blu-ray (region-free) that has optional English subtitles.
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