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Discussion in 'Slashers' started by boogeyman16, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. boogeyman16

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    Found out about this interesting thing. Sounds like for those of you into video games the full-mtoion genre is making a return. Sounds kinda like a Gabriel Knight/Phantasmagoria project. Check it out at
  2. John

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    Any game with a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader can't be all that bad! ;)
  3. thrashard76

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    Thanks Boogie...

    Sounds like a good idea but just how well will a game like this catch on? The X-Files game for PS was ok so maybe this will be worth investigating further. :cool:
  4. boogeyman16

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    Well one of two things will happen. This will either be really fun to have, or it could be the second coming of Night Trap(The FMV game with Dana Plato.) I'm still thinking of getting it. And if you're a fan of horror then I highly recommend getting the Gabriel Knight PC games. They are without a shadow of a doubt the best horror related games I've ever played.
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    I enjoy Night Trap... sure all those FMV games aren't very interactive, but it's pretty hard to take video and make it so, so take it for what it is. This is more of an interactive movie, so it should be entertaining at least. And I'll second the thoughts on Gab.

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